Do you want ideas on how to feel good and help others at the same time? Here are 101 ways to lift your spirits, while helping others in the process.

1. Smile!

2. Laugh!

3. Contribute money to the bill of the person behind you.

4. Contribute toll money to the car behind you.

5. Give away something from your closet today.

6. Give away something from your closet for a week!

7. Say “thank you” with genuine gratitude.

8. Remember to ask with “please”.

9. Listen on purpose: look people in the eye and keep quiet.

10. Read a book to a child.

11. Walk or run for a cause you are passionate about.

12. Write a thank you letter when you see exceptional service.

13. In heavy traffic on the highway, leave someone in front of you.

14. Call someone you haven’t talked to in a long time.

15. Write a real letter or note and mail it (the old-fashioned way)!

16. Send a “thank you” card to your local fire department.

17. Send a “thank you” card to your local police department.

18. Be peaceful throughout the day.

19. Cook something and take it to work.

20. Cook or bake your favorite dish and give it to your neighbor.

21. After a snow storm, shovel your neighbor’s sidewalk or even your entire block!

22. After finishing a good book, gift it to a random stranger.

23. Turn in your extra TV at home to a homeless shelter.

24. Say something nice to your boss.

25. Bring flowers to work.

26. Visit a hospital and volunteer.

27. Visit a public library and volunteer to help someone learn to read.

28. Sing!

29. Offer your services free for a day.

30. Tell your kids you love them.

31. Tell your parents you love them.

32. Tell anyone who is important to you that you love them!

33. Write a love letter to your “partner” and send it in the mail.

34. Take your recycled cans and bottles to a recycling center and give them to someone in line.

35. Open the door for someone.

36. When a coworker is sick, you call to see if they need anything.

37. The next time you buy a soda, take the extra change and give it to the person as a tip.
at your service, no matter how big or small.

38. When you get stuck at the airport, buy someone a book.

39. When you’re stranded at an airport, buy some water for a cranky kid.

40. Forgive someone.

41. Write a “thank you” letter to your representative in Congress, even if you disagree with their politics.

42. Make a commitment to say nothing but nice things to people all day.

43. If people are gossiping about someone, find something nice to say about that person.

44. Go to a nursing home and spend some time visiting the people there.

45. Read to an older person who can no longer read for themselves.

46. ​​Start your day giving thanks for another day!

47. Buy some ice cream and take it to your local daycare or preschool.

48. Find a teacher who made a difference in your life and thank them.

49. Become someone’s Big Brother/Big Sister.

50. If you know another language, give some lessons to someone who wants to learn that language.

51. Volunteer at your local school.

52. Write a poem to someone who is important to you and give it to them.

53. Identify a material possession of which you have two and give one to someone who has none.

54. Take someone who doesn’t have a car.

55. Giving up your seat to someone else on a crowded bus or train!

56. Give money to beggars on the street, without worrying about how they will spend it.

57. Host a free car wash in your neighborhood and any donations made can be transferred to charity.

58. Help pack the groceries for the person behind you in line at the grocery store.

59. Make an anonymous contribution to a cause you believe in.

60. Pay a needy child to go to summer camp.

61. Buy some movie passes and give them to local teens.

62. Give away your frequent flyer miles to someone in need.

63. Help a friend or family member move without expectations.

64. Ask an older person what life was like when they were young.

65. Ask a young child what love means.

66. Listen to teenagers.

67. Get involved in any religious organization you belong to.

68. Start your own non-profit organization.

69. Plant trees.

70. Grow your own herb garden and make herbal vinegars and oils as gifts.

71. Plant flowers and share them.

72. Save an animal from your local animal shelter.

73. Build a sandcastle on the beach.

74. Welcome a new neighbor to your neighborhood.

75. Create a “healing” basket for a friend who is feeling down. Include toiletries or bath items, a good book, candles, lotions, a comedy movie, or any other idea you have that will make the person feel better.

76. Watch only comedy on TV and in the movies.

77. Buy a gift card and hand it out randomly.

78. Organize the kids at your school to collect extra change for a cause.

79. Give back to someone who helped you (your community, church, school, etc.).

80. Write a thank you letter to the editorial section of your local newspaper, expressing your appreciation for the community in which you live.

81. Take a child to the zoo.

82. Write a letter to a member of our troops.

83. This year, buy all your birthday gifts and holiday gifts at a local goodwill store (or) a similar organization that provides jobs for the less fortunate.

84. Treat others on your birthday.

85. Volunteer to help someone with their 50th wedding anniversary celebration.

86. Donate your vacation or sick time to someone at your workplace who needs it more than you do.

87. Send anonymous cash to someone you know who needs it.

88. Nominate someone for a makeover show.

89. Take the time to write to the boss of the person who gives you exceptional service. Make sure the boss knows how much you value his employee.

90. Organize a children’s crayon drawing drive to display at local nursing homes and assisted living facilities.

91. Smile whenever you talk on the phone. Even if the other party can’t see you, they will feel you!

92. Raking leaves in someone else’s yard.

93. Spend at least five minutes of your day, every day, in silence.

94. When someone shares their dream with you, make sure you only give them

words of encouragement.

95. Always look for at least one positive element in the most negative situations, however bad it may seem or feel.

96. Get involved with a prison ministry.

97. Purchase a subscription to a children’s magazine for your local children’s hospital.

98. When someone you know turns fifty, buy them their first year of AARP membership!

99. Pick up any trash you see on the ground and place it in the appropriate trash or recycling container.

100. Build a relationship with someone less fortunate than you.

101. Be loving to everyone you meet!

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