Many youth soccer leagues do not allow the recruitment of players, in other leagues it is necessary for survival. Recruiting players cannot be ignored, it is the lifeblood of your team.

Most of us don’t have big hiring budgets to do big newspaper ads.

Here are some inexpensive “guerilla marketing” recruiting methods you can use:

Flyers to the Schools- (Chapter 4 of the book shows you how to get around school rules that block this tactic)

Punt Pass and Kick Contest – We had the winners compete at halftime from our local professional futsal team.

School Assemblies – Much Easier Than You Think

School Lunch Room Highlights – With a Portable DVD Player

Other sporting events: hand out flyers

School open door booths

Church bulletin announcements

Press releases

Newspaper articles

Radio interviews

TV coverage “Works Event”

Player “Rewards” – Offer your players $ 5 for each completed application or entry to a pizza party.

Carnival booths / church or school festivals

Saturday Grocery Store Table Flyer or Flyer



Parades – Your team marches in uniforms and hands out flyers

Trophy displays at school

Team play t-shirt days at school

Our Organization grew from 1 team to 16 in just 5 years using these methods. We ran only one very expensive newspaper ad during this time period (it gave us poor performance).

Details on how to make it all work, including free press releases and radio interviews, are in Chapter 4 of the book and include samples from our brochures. Our Nebraska youth soccer team website is

The website was developed for free by a talented volunteer.

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