Are you reluctant to set goals? When coaching clients say they don’t want to set goals, I know there may be deeper issues involved. Often the reluctance to set and achieve goals has to do with internal values ​​and beliefs we hold about achieving success, especially our own successes.

If you feel reluctant to set goals, you may be viewing the entire process of goal setting and achievement as an emotional and physical uphill struggle. Goals are simply motivational guides to an empowered and positive future. Working for something that has meaning and value to you personally and/or professionally can bring purpose, direction, and meaning to your everyday life.

Here are seven reasons why you may be reluctant to set goals for the future:

1. Many people are afraid of letting themselves or others down. They do not like to be disappointed or to have someone disappointed in them.

two. They are not sure how things will change personally and/or professionally if their goals come true.

3. They subconsciously don’t feel worthy and subservient to achieving and enjoying the rewards when their goal becomes reality.

Four. They are emotionally uncomfortable with success and the attention success can bring them.

5. They emotionally feel that achieving goals takes too much time and effort and that the reward is not worth it. Emotionally they see more pain in goal achievement than pleasure and gain.

6. They unconsciously or consciously believe that if they succeed, someone else must fail or lose. They see the pie of abundance getting smaller, not bigger.

7. They don’t want to commit to the future. Many people have a hard time committing to a task or plan and staying with it until it is successfully completed.

Goal setting should not be an emotional struggle. Planning for an exciting and rewarding future should be an emotionally uplifting and rewarding experience. Goals are simply roadmaps to an empowered and fruitful future. I leave you with this inspiring quote from Ronald Reagan, “My life philosophy is that if we decide what we are going to do with our lives, and then work hard to reach that goal, we never lose, somehow we win.”

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