Tip 1: turn on the lights

Many of us are struck by light. Studies have shown that many people become more depressed during winter due to the decrease in the amount of sunlight or natural light. Try having more lights on in the house or increase the wattage. If that doesn’t help, you can try some of the full spectrum natural light bulbs. If you think about it, plants grow best with a “grow light.” Why is that? Obviously, it provides something that our normal bulbs do not provide. There are also special lights and lamps for those who are affected by dimming, also known as the seasonally affected. You may want to do a Google search to see what’s available.

Tip 2: play music that makes you feel good

He used to automatically recommend relaxing music to make people feel good. However, sometimes you are in the mood for rock in roll, other times you can be buoyed by country and western. And others more of opera. Stay away from music that has angry and depressing words that can trigger even more depression. I like to have a supply of music in the different genres, which I know in advance that I enjoy and that I also have positive lyrics. So, feel the beat!

Tip 3 – Listen to what you are saying to yourself

We all have “old tapes” that we play on our heads. It’s amazing how often they mirror those of other people in our lives, our parents, bosses, and spouses. Hear what their thoughts are. Be especially aware of any negative self-talk. Do you verbally hit yourself during the day? If so, it is time to change this pattern. You can choose which thoughts you want to hear, but first you need to be aware of what they are. Then you can begin the process of capturing yourself and deciding what you want the new thought to be. It can be as simple as I like myself most every day.

Tip 4: read or watch something funny

This is such a simple and easy tip to do. I used to cut out the comics to keep handy for people. Or he had some cheesy jokes he would use. It’s amazing how cheesy the joke is, the more we laugh. I still smile and laugh at the old “knock knock” jokes. Another idea is to watch a funny movie that requires no effort, except to put it on the DVD player. Just press the play button and your mood will rise quickly.

Tip 5: get moving

Yes, this is about exercise. But it can also be about playing. What activities do you enjoy that get your body moving? Is it a walk in the park? Is dancing? Is it riding a bike? Even bowling gets your body moving. Studies have shown that exercise releases endorphins, so let’s take advantage of this free activity.

Tip 6: be careful what you eat

Well, a lot of us don’t like this one. But when your body doesn’t get the nutrition it needs, you will often feel sluggish and unwell. This makes us more irritable and depressed. So watch what you are feeding yourself. Does your food have what the body needs to feed itself and regenerate itself? Foods that are closer to their natural state retain more of the necessary enzymes and vitamins. The more processed your food is, the more likely it is that your body takes longer to eliminate what you do not use and that tires you and does not make you feel good. So experiment with foods that are fresh, like juicy fruits and some exotic vegetables.

Tip 7: spend time with a good friend

When you are depressed, it is good to be around other people. The more isolated you are, the more your negative thoughts will depress you. Doing something fun with a friend is an easy way to cheer him up. Or when the going gets really tough, having a friend to listen to you can ease some of the burden.

Tip 8 – Listen to positive affirmation tapes or CDs

This is one that I use frequently. It’s a simple way to counteract negative self-talk. I have several CDs of positive affirmations. I play them at the volume where I can’t consciously hear them. In this way, I have made my own subliminal CD. What I have found is that when we feel sad and listen to an affirmation tape, we will discuss it. By having the volume where you can’t hear it, positive statements go straight to your subconscious. So with the push of a button, you have now improved your mood.

Of course, this list isn’t all-inclusive, but it’s a great start. The more you use all the tips, the better you will feel. Start with one and add from there. Good luck!

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