Who books at California Beach House? almost anyone! And you? Whether you’re a small family looking for a weekend getaway or a group having a family reunion for 12, you can find the perfect home to welcome you into a warm and welcoming environment.

Are you dreaming of California? It can become reality! Consider having the vacation of a lifetime by renting a beautiful California beach house. Everyone can have a lot of fun in an affordable vacation rental. Forget small and cramped hotel rooms. A big, beautiful house is a great option for a family that wants to spread out a bit. There are several large California beach houses in Northern California that are very family friendly.

Marin County’s north shore is particularly family-friendly. Several California Beach House rentals sleep up to 12 people and are packed with fun games for the whole family. A large fenced in yard might be something to consider if you have small children. Pack everyone up for an afternoon at the beach. Dillon Beach is excellent for walking. It has fun tide pools to explore and great dunes to roll on. You won’t find the crowded beaches from the movies here, there’s always plenty of room to throw a soccer ball, grill a hot dog, or run along the shore with your dog. Most California beach vacation rentals offer great family time. Dillon Beach is a quiet little getaway spot. Tucked away on the hillside overlooking Tomales Bay, known for its excellent Hog Island oysters. Many California beach vacation homes are perfect for your family. You can rent a small 1-bedroom or a beautiful 5-bedroom that sleeps 12 people.

A visit to a California beach house can be a great getaway for a couples weekend retreat. Or any girls weekend in the planning? Don’t forget to check out a vacation rental home for a corporate retreat or spiritual retreat. Many offer lots of open areas, beautiful views, and areas to walk and explore.

Looking for some fun? Try your hand at clamming at Dillon Beach. Giant clams are great for dinner after a fun day at the beach. This off the beaten track beach town is packed with fun and so close to Napa, Sonoma or San Francisco that you won’t need a lot of gas to sightsee for a day. There’s a great beach house in Northern California that sits on the hill overlooking Tomales Bay and the beautiful white waters of the Pacific Ocean, called Almost Paradise. One look at this place and you’ll see why it’s called that.

Discover Dillon Beach, California this summer for a great vacation. You’ll be glad you did and want to come back again and again.

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