Do you want to earn a lot of money writing articles? You can earn $100 and more per article – here’s how. Writing articles is a great way to earn an income online, yet many writers end up in a writing ghetto, writing like hell for minimal income. While this may be a better option than zero income, with a little knowledge you can do a lot more for each of your items.

Here’s why: Buyers pay for what they need. Some lower-tier buyers have tight budgets and can’t afford good writers. It’s your job to become the kind of writer who’s worth a lot more and who gets it.

Here are four tips that will help you.

1. Build a Clientele of Item Buyers

Your first step is to develop a stable group of buyers who buy from you regularly. This means you have money coming in. (Keep in mind, though, that the chance you’ll be able to turn a buyer paying you $5 per item into a $100 per item customer is zero.)

With a regular income, however small, you can turn your attention to higher paying buyers.

2. Find Websites Hungry For Great Content – ​​Get $1 Per Word

Your next step is to specialize. Good majors include business, technology, and health. In all of these areas, customers are hungry for great content and are willing to pay $1 a word (and more) for it.

Start by figuring out the difference between an 800 word article worth $10 to $20 and one worth $800. Once you understand the difference, you can also get paid $1 or more per word. You will be surprised when you find out that it is easier to get high paying article writing jobs than it is to get low paying jobs.

3. Promote yourself on your own blog

Are you writing on your own blog? I hope you are. A blog is the easiest promotional tool there is. If you envy the time you spend blogging, you’re killing your career as an article writer.

4. Increase your rates constantly

Finally, increase your rates constantly. You can breed them as many times as you like, but once a year is essential.

There you have it: four tips that will help you earn $100 and more per article.

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