“I was 19 … it was flat as a board, and I thought ‘Wow, you can just buy them’, and stupidly I had them made … You know, it was a big mistake. Young girls, not ‘Do it!” – Denise Richards

Breast augmentation or breast enhancement surgery, more commonly known as breast surgery, is the most popular cosmetic procedure in the United States. Women of all ages seek to enhance their breasts by increasing their size and shape to make them more beautiful and / or increase their confidence and quality of life. Poor breast enlargements are not what one would want to think of when they are at the height of their enthusiasm for getting their breasts done.

Having to undergo a surgical procedure is not easy, much less dealing with a bad cosmetic surgery. Too many times we have heard and seen hundreds of depressing accounts from the media, the Internet, magazines, and even from our own friends and acquaintances about cosmetic surgery cases gone wrong. Bad boob jobs are so common these days that successful ones are becoming the exception, not the rule. It is said that between 20% and 45% of breast enlargement procedures produce less than stellar results. Even celebrities who, unlike the usual middle earners, have a lot of money to spend on these types of surgeries and still experience bad surgery, regardless of whether they have already chosen the best cosmetic surgeon possible.

You may have come across photos or stories of women with terrible breasts and have thought how horrible the experience was for these women. Unsatisfactory results not only affect you physically, but can also hurt you emotionally. It takes away the very essence of a woman’s dignity to the point that depression can appear. Some women have mentioned that undergoing failed plastic surgery could be even more painful than cancer.

There are many reasons why women end up having bad experiences. One reason could be that the surgeon lacks the necessary skills and is incompetent, or does not have enough experience to perform this procedure that requires a lot of precision and expertise. In fact, even the best surgeons make mistakes that result in poor results, and some even face lawsuits as a result.

Do horrible breast enlargement surgeries really happen that often?

The truth of the matter is that not everyone who considers themselves perfect and healthy candidates for breast augmentation has a one hundred percent guarantee of getting perfect natural-looking breasts or saving themselves from bad breast jobs. Complications and health risks remain a great possibility, and yet they can arise, and these include leaks, tears, infections, connective tissue diseases, and even breast cancer.

Unflattering and aesthetic breast enlargements often reveal uneven breast sizes and shapes, asymmetric placement, unnatural-looking indentations, or wrinkles that are often caused by misplaced breast implants. Some breast work results in the breasts looking unusually large for a woman’s body. These are all examples of bad boob jobs that you would want to avoid. If you opt for a breast operation, you may want to choose a surgeon who considers these aspects and takes careful care to make your breasts look as natural as possible.

Most women who contemplate undergoing breast augmentation initially intend to improve the quality of their lives by undergoing surgery. Unfortunately this is not always the case. Breast enlargement doesn’t just end after surgery because you still have to face additional future surgeries and follow-up evaluations as you age, adding to overall costs that you will need to be prepared for (even if all goes well) in time. , your implants will also deteriorate causing more surgeries later on. One study showed that one in five women who had undergone breast augmentation was likely to undergo additional surgery within a three-year period as a result of failed jobs. What’s even worse is that these additional surgeries don’t always solve the problems, and more complications can still arise resulting in lower breast augmentation later in life.

Furthermore, the poor results are largely attributed to the use of silicone implants that have been widely adopted over the past decades. Many women have reported complications and discomfort with the use of silicone implants. There have been many controversies regarding silicone implants and as such doctors have grouped the diseases associated with silicone implants into a category called “silicone implant diseases”. Studies are still being done to find out more about the effects of silicone breast implants on the body and how they result in so many cases of bad plastic surgery. However, recently saline implants have been used in place of these gel-filled silicone implants.

“I am well aware that some scientists believe that implants do not cause lupus, chronic fatigue, flu-like symptoms, or the aches and pains I suffered. I am not a scientist, but I am an expert on myself, so let me say so. simply: I was healthy, they put implants, I got sick, they removed them and I got better … Even sadder for me than my own illness is that my little daughter got sick, with symptoms that were similar to mine. coincidence that she got sick after being breastfed by a mother with broken silicone implants? “- Mary McDonough

Still, there are a number of downsides to using saline implants that women may want to consider before getting their breasts done. For one thing, the saline type looks less natural compared to the normal shape and contour of the breast.

What’s even more shocking is that more and more women continue to go under the knife and get their boobs done despite all the scary stories and controversies circulating everywhere. Perhaps the media has something to do with how today’s women perceive beauty. Health is clearly losing its importance for aesthetics, as evidenced by the constant increase in cosmetic procedures.

Getting a breast augmentation is a very personal decision for each woman; However, before deciding whether or not to undergo enhancement surgery, you should consider the associated health risks above all else, that is, the risk of undergoing operations that initiate a domino effect with respect to your health. The complications and risks associated with complications from surgery far outweigh the benefits of looking beautiful. When it comes to health problems, it must be remembered that no cosmetic benefit can take precedence for many years to suffer from poor results.

The solution to bad breast augmentation

Although it is a personal decision, choosing to undergo cosmetic surgery implies that you are properly informed about the benefits and risks associated with breast augmentation surgery. As with any other medical procedure or surgery, it is always best to select a highly qualified, trustworthy, and certified cosmetic surgeon who will help you achieve the best possible results for your breasts. With this in mind, you can determine if you are a good candidate for such a procedure or if you are willing to explore more natural breast enhancement procedures that will help you avoid the health risks and cost of painful surgery.

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