In this article we are going to look at the most common causes of traffic accidents that, in turn, are leading to accident compensation claims.


Many accidents are caused by drivers intoxicated by alcohol or drugs.

Bad weather

One of the main causes of traffic accidents is bad weather conditions. Weather can lead to poor visibility or poor traction on the road surface, which in turn can cause vehicles to collide with each other or with objects such as walls. Other unexpected weather conditions, such as flash floods and black ice, can lead to accidents, as it is too late to detect it until it has affected you.

Controller error

Probably the leading cause of traffic accidents today is driver error. These range from following cars too closely, falling asleep behind the wheel, driving too fast, unsafe overtaking, and many other careless and unnecessary mistakes.


This is related to driver error, but it is more about the driver being distracted by something outside the car or inside the car. Many accidents are caused by drivers distracted by another accident that occurs on the road. But even things like changing CDs, looking at your cell phone, or looking at your makeup in the mirror can cause accidents. Basically, anything that makes you take your eyes off the road can create disastrous situations on the road.

Road design

Sometimes accidents are due to poor road design. This occurs when part of the road or traffic control has been poorly placed or designed and can lead to an increase in accidents in the area. This could be anything from poorly placed signs blocking your view of incoming traffic at intersections to dangerous turns on busy roads. Sometimes accidents caused by poor road design will mean that the government or city council will be held liable.

Vehicle defects

Sometimes a traffic accident will be caused by a defect in the driver’s vehicle. These defects can range from brake failure to a tire blowout. Vehicle defects can cause an accident on the road, but sometimes these defects will cause more damage in an accident caused by something else. For example, some cars will have faulty airbags that don’t deploy properly, which means that people involved in accidents can suffer worse injuries. Also, some SUV / minivan style cars are prone to roll more easily, resulting in worse injuries to passengers.

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