For many singles, marriage sites can be a ray of hope. It’s a platform for meeting like-minded people, and if things work out, there’s always scope to take it to the next level. However, even after completing the registration form and starting to create a profile, you ask that question:

Do marriage sites work?

It is a valid question to ask. Marriage sites work, but you also need to know what you’re getting into.

First things first, matrimonial sites are ten cents a dozen. The problem arises when you have registered on the wrong site, a fraudulent one that is available to earn money. On most websites, registration is free for a limited period, usually 3-6 months. After that, you are usually asked to pay for a premium membership. If after a free registration, the site constantly forces you to subscribe to promotional offers to get access to premium features like email, chats, etc. Stay away.

Communication is another way to judge the authenticity of a marriage site. You can contact support with a query and check how responsive they are to customer complaints and inquiries. I think the testimonials can also help you choose the ones

Marriage sites work for one more reason. They are like your local matchmaker, who brings you a variety of proposals. In fact, they have a lot more since they go through states; They admit members belonging to different states. Not only this, you can find the most suitable partner since they have profiles categorized based on religion, caste, profession, marital status, etc. You can also customize your search based on your interests.

The selected marriage sites verify the identity of the members before the profile is made public. It could include logging in with Facebook or Google accounts. Often times, personal data is also imported from Facebook.

Making a marriage site work for you also depends on how you go about this whole process. Finding a partner in a marriage place is like the traditional method in many ways. It doesn’t happen overnight. You have to work with the possibility of being rejected even after showing interest. It is a waiting game. You should also pay attention to how you create your profile. Choose a suitable photograph; the quality must be good. Introduce yourself briefly and simply. It is also important that you update your profile regularly. Many people hesitate to upload photos and personal information. But most dating sites take members’ privacy very seriously and make sure access is protected.

You should also use some hints to check if the profiles you are viewing are fake or genuine. A profile with very sketchy details should ring a bell for you. Not everyone is comfortable disclosing their salary to strangers. That’s fine; you can always discuss it later. Do not rely solely on the personal information provided in the profile. Chat with the person and gather a few more details.

So if you’ve been planning to sign up for a marriage site, go ahead and all the best.

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