Having larger breasts is a great desire for many women, but there has been a “mystery” surrounding it for many years. The reality is that making your breasts grow larger is much easier than you think. It all has to do with a hormone that every woman has in her body, and the foods that make that hormone grow your breasts for you…

The reason why some women have large breasts and others have small breasts is due to a hormone within us called estrogen, and getting more of this hormone is the key to making your breasts grow larger. You see, estrogen is a natural hormone that gives us all of our feminine characteristics. It is the single most important factor in a woman’s body, which makes us develop breasts and have a menstrual cycle, etc.

The reason I am talking about estrogen is because it is this hormone that decides how much our breasts grow. Generally speaking, it’s like a “magic formula” that tells your brain to grow your breasts when you’re 13 and stop growing them when you’re 15-18. But unfortunately for many women, estrogen told her brain to stop growing her breasts before they were as large as she’d like…meaning they now appear underdeveloped or small.

Fixing this is actually very simple. After puberty stopped her breast growth, she left only enough estrogen to keep her breasts the same size for the rest of her adult life. To make her breasts grow back, she simply needs to eat the foods that will introduce a lot more estrogen into her body, telling her brain to make her breasts start growing again.

Fortunately, estrogen is a natural substance that is present in many foods. soy-based foods, herbs like sage and rosemaryand even fruits like oranges, contain enough natural estrogen to make your breasts grow up to 1 or 2 cup sizes. However, you can’t just eat all these foods and expect your breasts to grow. You should eat them in a certain amount each day so that there are no unwanted side effects.

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