The epitome of luxury, granite countertops add a touch of class to any kitchen, no matter what style or feel you are trying to achieve for the rest of your kitchen. Granite offers a hard, durable, easy-care countertop that makes a statement in any kitchen.

Granite countertops come in a wide variety of grains, patterns, and colors. Granite slabs are imported from all over the world and each has its own unique characteristics. The best way to choose granite countertops for your new kitchen is to visit a granite importer and examine their inventory to select the piece or pieces that will make your kitchen stand out. Once you’ve selected your granite slab, a granite fabricator will cut the slab to the exact dimensions needed for your kitchen, shape and polish the edges to your specifications, and install the countertops in your kitchen. Due to the nature of any natural stone and the weight involved, the installation is best left to the experts.

You can also buy precast slab granite countertops that offer a wide variety of patterns and colors, but are more limited in length and edge detail. Trade in less customization for a lower price, and this option can offer you the best value for the elegant look you want in your new kitchen.

A less expensive option is to use granite tiles for your kitchen. Practical homeowners can install granite tile countertops themselves and have the look and feel of real granite at a much lower cost than granite slab. Edges can be polished with common tiling tools or trimmed with wood countertop edges to match cabinets, which give countertops a great finish.

The cost of granite countertops can vary as much as the look of the granite itself. Granite tiles (12 “x 12”) can be purchased for $ 4 to $ 25 per piece, depending on the quality and rarity of the granite. Granite slabs are also sold by the square foot and can cost anywhere from $ 25 for regular granite slabs to over $ 300 per square foot for more exotic granites. In addition to the cost of granite slab, there are manufacturing and installation charges, which can also be expensive if you want elaborate edging or contours on your granite countertops.

Regardless of the type of granite you choose for your new kitchen, caring for it is relatively easy. Granite is very hard and durable, making it difficult for it to chip or crack, but you still need to be careful not to drop heavy cookware on the surface. Because granite is very hard, items that are dropped are more susceptible to breaking, especially china and glassware. Granite is a natural substance and is susceptible to staining and must be sealed periodically to minimize staining. With minimal maintenance, your granite countertops will provide you with a lifetime of service without losing its luxurious appearance.

It is important not to lose sight of the overall look and feel that you are trying to achieve for your new kitchen. You may fall in love with a particular color or pattern of a granite piece, but if the piece doesn’t complement your choice of cabinet or the kitchen style you want, you’ll need to look elsewhere. Coordination of all components is the key to a successful kitchen remodel. Granite can meet this requirement for any kitchen, just take the time to find the right granite countertops for your new kitchen.

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