Hydraulic jacks are widely used throughout the world. They have a lot of relevance in today’s age, as they have made an incredible contribution to making our life much more comfortable than it was before. These jacks have outperformed the conventional screw jacks that were in use at one time or another. They consist of two joined cylinders. It works on the principle of Pascal’s Law, which suggests that when there is an increase in pressure at any point in a container of fluid, there is an equal increase in pressure at all other points in the container.


The origin of hydraulic jacks can be dated several years ago when Richard Dudgeon, the owner and inventor of hydraulic jacks, opened a machine shop. In 1851, he was granted a patent for his hydraulic jack. In the year 1855, he literally shocked viewers in New York when he drove from his home to his place of work in a steam wagon. It produced a very strange noise that annoyed the horses so its use was limited to a single street. Richard claimed that his invention had the power to carry about 10 people in a single barrel of anthracite coal at a speed of 14 mph.Dudgeon deserves special credit for his myriad inventions, including roller boiler tube expanders, roller jacks, filter press, jack pullers, hydraulic heavy plate drills and various types of lifting jacks.

Common types

Floor Jacks – These jacks are primarily used to lift heavy equipment off the surface of the floor. It is most often used to change vehicle tires. The floor jack is known by different names, such as a garage jack and a car jack. Today, you can find more powerful jacks on the market that use hydraulic power for maximum lift.

Hydraulic Bottle Jacks: Hydraulic bottles are versatile as they can be placed in tight spots and provide good leverage. They have a longer handle compared to the rest of the hydraulic jacks and they push up against a lever that raises the main lift arm. With its use, it is possible to give a greater lift per stroke. They are widely used in building construction and home foundation repair. It has also been found to be very useful in search and rescue operations.

Long Ram Jacks: In simple terms, it is a hydraulic jack with a long sized ram. Its lever handle is quite easy to use. It is mainly used to carry out various types of repair work.

Workshop press jacks: they are very useful in press jobs in which the need to generate enormous pressure with minimal effort arises.

Another popular form of jack that is in great demand in the market is the Porta Power Jack.

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