Do you know why you need to put on your oxygen mask first before helping others (even your children) with theirs? Right, because we need to be in safe mode in order to be a source of strength for others. There is no other way. Unfortunately, women are often hardwired to think that taking our own needs first is a bad thing. It’s no wonder that we are often lost and resentful about not getting what we need.

A man undoubtedly wants to feel like his hero. Men need to feel validated, admired, and admired. But they want that from a woman who respects herself, who has a backbone and who, above all, loves herself. That is the last secret to being irresistible.

You come first. In fact, men respect that, because they know that they will not have to bear the absolute care of their well-being. It is too much pressure for one person to be responsible for your happiness.

Men are unconsciously attracted to great women who are more involved in their own lives than in their relationships. It is too much pressure for most men when women depend on their happiness in their relationships and only in their relationships.

Only when you take care of your own needs first can you be a great partner for your man. So yeah, be “selfish” – that’s the best thing you’ll ever do in your relationship. When you feel lacking, you cannot give. On the contrary, when you feel healthy inside, you will be the best lover that no man can leave.

Another thing a woman must do to be irresistible is to learn the art of letting go and focusing on herself. Let it go, have faith that everything is going to be okay one way or another. How much of your waking hours do you spend fighting and worrying? And you wonder why your life is so miserable?

Focusing on what does not work or the fact that “what is” is not what you are looking for and regretting it will take away the freely available options and opportunities that stare you in the face, if you just open your eyes and heart. to them. The energy wasted by focusing on things outside of your control equates to energy not being used to get closer to what you want.

That means stopping worrying and over-analyzing what your actions mean or lack thereof, and instead concentrating on doing things that fill you with energy and satisfaction.

Remember, love has to do with time. When your time is out of line, don’t force it. Let it go and let the universe solve it for you. You will meet him again at different times with the same or a different person.

So for a man to commit to a woman, it’s more about WHEN it happens than WHO it happens to. As Thomas David Kehoe, author of the very enlightening Hearts and Minds: How Our Brains Are Wired for RelationshipsTell us, men see their lives in a very chronological way. When you feel the time is right, you will choose to commit to whoever you are at that moment.

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