We can all have great bodies. We all deserve to have great bodies. But we also have genetic tendencies embedded in our bodies. This is my short version of how to lose weight based on which of the three body types you have. By knowing your body type, you will be able to do the right type of exercise, allowing you to lose fat or gain muscle, whatever you are looking for!

Are you the first body type, the endomorph?

The endomorph is shorter and bulkier, and is generally characterized by round body shapes. Its limbs are shorter and fatter, as well as its torso is wider and shorter. A good example of an endomorph would be movie star Phillip Seymour Hoffman. Does this sound like you?

If you are an endomorph, then you are naturally inclined to accumulate fat, rather than burn it. But you don’t need to worry as you can lose fat. The first step, of course, is to accept your body type and take the necessary steps to achieve your goals based on your genetic predisposition. Then, you must get down to work. Since you have a natural inclination to gain weight, you need to be very careful about your diet. Eliminate sugars and refined fats as much as possible. Then when it comes to exercise, you will need intense strengthening exercises on a regular basis. And the keywords here are regular and intense. Don’t let the intensity drop, keep your body challenged with regular exercises and you will see results very soon!

Are you the second body type, the mesomorph?

The mesomorphic body type is characterized by a naturally muscular and relatively slim body. The mesomorph has the perfect foundation for becoming a bodybuilder: broad shoulders, barrel chest, and muscular arms and legs. A good example of this would be movie star Vin Diesel. Are you that lucky?

If you are mesomorphic, you are in luck! However, it doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t exercise or watch your diet, it just means that you have an advantage. You would still need vigorous exercise and cut down on refined fats and sugars in your diet. But you will definitely achieve your fat burning and muscle building goals much faster than the other two body types. Even more reasons to do it now!

Are you the third body type, the ectomorph?

The ectomorphic body type is characterized by a tendency towards thinness and thinness. The ectomorph has little muscle, but also little body fat. A good example of this body type would be TV and film personality Ashton Kutcher. Does this sound like you?

Therefore, if you have the ectomorphic body type, it may not be a good idea to talk about fat loss. But still, bear with me. When you’re slim, what little fat you may have around your belly looks even more out of place. So even if you’re not genetically inclined to gain weight, you need to watch out for concentrated fats and sugars in your diet and do strenuous exercise. In fact, you will find that you will burn fat easily through these exercises, but you will have trouble gaining muscle. In that case, you would need to increase the intensity and decrease the volume of your workout. And then you will have the body you want!

So in this article I introduced you to the three body types and how they influence what you need to do to burn fat. Being aware of whether you are an endomorph, a mesomorph, or an ectomorph will allow you to focus on the right things to do to achieve the perfect shape for your body type. This understanding is a good start and you will need a good exercise and diet program, which will allow you to use your body’s strengths and reduce your weaknesses.

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