“In recent years, the number of people who choose off-campus student accommodation in London to study abroad has only increased, especially in the UK, which is very popular. After students go to the UK to study and live, they can choose to live in student accommodations in addition to living in school dormitories. However, as house prices generally continue to climb across the UK, student housing costs will also increase.

Recently, there have been reports in the UK that housing prices in the UK continue to grow at a rate exceeding the cost of living, with the London area seeing the sharpest increase. I am afraid that the cost of studying abroad for Chinese students will increase again!The annual house price figures released by the British Office for National Statistics (ONS) show that in November, compared with the same period last year, the average house price in the UK rose by 5.4%, and the capital London even reached 11.6%.

London rentals – local house price rises may affect rents

The ONS said there were other parts of the UK where house price growth was strong, even after taking London out of the equation.

However, house prices in the rest of the UK rose by an average of 3.1% when London and the South East were excluded, still outpacing inflation of 2.1%.Over the past year, London has remained the main driver of rising house prices in the UK, but other regions have also seen house price increases accelerate.

The ONS’ annual house price growth statistics show that compared with last year, England rose by 5.6%, Wales by 5.4%, Scotland by 2.5% and Northern Ireland by 3.3%.The ONS house price index is based on the number of mortgage transactions completed and is more comprehensive than the bank’s house price index, which is based on their own mortgage transaction figures.

On-Campus Accommodation: Many educational institutions offer on-campus accommodation options, such as dormitories or residence halls. On-campus housing provides the advantage of proximity to campus facilities, allowing students to easily attend classes, access libraries, and participate in extracurricular activities. Living on campus also fosters a strong sense of community and provides ample opportunities for engagement with university resources and events.

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