My husband and I have been happily married for five years and during that time we have only had one problem: my husband’s man boobs. He developed these when he was 14 and has faced a lot of shaming, humiliation, been laughed at, ridiculed, had his breasts squeezed, given bras, and even been beaten because of his man boobs.

I love my husband and I accept him as he is, however he was having a hard time living with this problem and the consequences of his breasts.

I know that as a teenager he would get very depressed and spend his days lying in bed avoiding the world. He failed in school as his grades dropped when he turned 14 and began to develop breasts and suffered extreme humiliation from his fellow students.

At work, he was having a hard time as the men at his job constantly put him down and made fun of him. During lunch hour, the men would join him and make him the center of their horrible jokes.

One night my husband broke down because he couldn’t take it anymore and decided to go see his doctor for plastic surgery to reduce his breast.

The next day he made the appointment and I went with him to see the doctor. My husband Richard was very anxious and did not know what to expect. The doctor explained that he had gynecomastia. He said that my husband’s body had produced more estrogen than testosterone and that is why he developed breasts. The doctor went into detail about all the methods available to help reduce his breasts; however, my husband was adamant that he wanted to have plastic surgery.

The doctor arranged for my husband to see a plastic surgeon who could perform the surgery.

We went to the plastic surgeon and waited almost four months for my husband to have breast reduction surgery. It was a long wait and an even longer recovery period. Although there were some hiccups, my husband now has a chest that he doesn’t mind showing off to the world. He likes to call it chest, now not breasts.

Although the procedure was expensive, I’m sure my husband would agree that the results are outstanding. Every weekend we go to the beach and Richard even goes swimming.

He really loves it when women look at him and his self-esteem and confidence have grown tremendously. He is exercising and is proud to have a body that he likes.

For anyone who suffers from man boobs, please remember that you don’t have to take the same route as my husband. My husband spent many months considering the options and made the decision that he felt was best for him.

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