With NFL and NCAA football done, spring training not in full swing for a while, the NBA nearing all-star break, and hockey, well that being hockey, American sports fans just they have one thing that catches their eye: college basketball. NCAA basketball is right in the middle of its season and it is showing absolutely brilliant performances. So much so that February, the month that’s known for gloomy weather and a lack of Christmas festivities (okay, there’s Valentine’s Day, but unless you’re a girl, Valentine’s Day is just another excuse for Hallmark and See empty your wallet) is spreading joy across the country and giving us something to look forward to: March Madness.

I can’t think of any other place that offers as much as March Madness. The best 64 teams in the country face off in a unique tournament where old rivalries resurface and new rivalries are born. 63 games in 17 days! Dick Vitale screaming at the top of his lungs!! Buzzer hitters, triple overtimes and net cutting celebrations!!! And how can you forget, SUPPORTS!!!! You just can’t ask for anything more than that.

The excitement in me is reaching dangerous levels. I just can’t wait to get started. So I won’t. These are the teams that I think will be in the Final Four in March.

1. Duke: The Blue Devils showed incredible poise and determination in beating the Tarheels in Chapel Hill, two things every Final Four team needs. Coach K has his team going full steam ahead. Barring some sort of injury to a major player, the Blue Devils will be there in the end.

2. Kansas: They can run and shoot AND they can set up the half court. They can shoot all three AND hit down. He can defend zone AND man to man. They have size, strength, and speed. I don’t see a weakness. The Jayhawks are playing well and will be a tough matchup for anyone.

3. UCLA – The Bruins have 5 players averaging double figures in the points column. The only other teams that have that kind of depth are Duke, Kansas and Xavier. Simply put, the Bruins can attack you from any angle. Most teams simply won’t be able to handle that much firepower.

4. The Darkhorse – Drake – The Bulldogs are having a dream season. Yes, they don’t play 25 other top teams during the regular season, but trust is huge in college basketball. And with just one loss on the season, Drake has plenty. (I would have picked North Carolina as the fourth seed, but with injuries to Ty Lawson and other Tarheel role players, North Carolina will have a hard time handling the ball) Drake is a team full of good shooters. If they can continue their hot streak, midnight may never come during this Cinderella run in March.

These are my picks. But then again, March Madness is known for its unpredictability. That is part of its charm. You really never know what is going to happen.

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