This is so simple that it might surprise you. My super easy 3-step formula for identifying your target market’s “pain points”

Are you a new blogger? Looking for the secret to both online and offline lead generation?

As a new blogger, I researched and collected tons of information. I research blogs in my niche and forums to learn more about what people are struggling with. Lead generation, content creation, and conversion are the top 3 main areas. I know how long it takes to surf the internet to find answers on how to engage and convert a potential customer. I see a lot of people make mistakes, so I want to simplify the process for them and share my secret to generating leads.

My 3-step process for identifying the needs of your target markets and developing a powerful value proposition and promotional tag lines.

Developing leads is like cooking: you have to have the right ingredients and if something is out of place, the whole plate is ruined. I’m going to give you the missing ingredient.

If you do not know the needs and difficulties of your target market, your ad and blog content will not match and your marketing and sales efforts will be insufficient. The more your content evokes emotion, is compelling, and provokes action, the more likely you are to see higher conversions.

As a marketer, I developed many email and digital campaigns. Our campaigns were successful because we were able to put ourselves in the shoes of our clients and, as a result, we were able to truly identify their wants, needs and struggles. Pain point. Remember, you are not selling products, you are selling SOLUTIONS.

Here is an example of a real customer case study:

The CEO of a large hospital system is finding that error rates in certain procedures are increasing. They observe an annual increase in sentinel events of 8% [sentinel events are death or serious physical or psychological injury, or the risk thereof*]. They are seeing that increase specifically in OBGYN during deliveries.

So what is the CEO’s pain point? Were babies and mothers dying? If you said yes, you are ½ right. care of the healthcare provider for his patients, but from the perspective of the CEO who runs the hospital when someone dies due to negligence, he filed a lawsuit. Hospitals can pay millions, if not more, for a case of injury or death.

The CEO / CFO’s main problem is that they are paying millions in malpractice lawsuits that jeopardize their accreditation, which has a financial impact on the hospital. They have a team of professionals who need training to improve their skills when it comes to dangerous and high-acuity medical procedures. Improving this would help improve your patients’ overall health outcomes.

Here’s my 3-step process for identifying your clients pain points. This works for any industry or business and can help you create your blog content and ads. It also forms the basis of your value proposition for your target customer.

  1. What is my target market (pain point) struggling with: high incidence of sentinel events in labor and delivery, resulting in increased claims payments
  2. What do they need (note that there may be more than one need: to)To improve team training and reduce the incidence of sentinel death thereby improving neonatmaternal and maternal outcomes
  3. What solution can I offer and how can you help? (Must connect directly to # 2): Medical training solutions that leverage simulation technology and team building strategies that have been shown to reduce sentinel events while reducing costs.

Here are the slogans for help:

  • Helping to improve patient results
  • Helping to improve patient safety and reduce risk
  • Helping to reduce sentinal events
  • To help reduce costs due to medical errors

Now, do you think that with that formula I will be able to better target my blog communications, email campaigns, social media, and online ads more effectively?

YES! And you can too. Here is another specific example for my network marketing products.

one. What is my target market struggling with (pain point): Struggling to maintain a healthy lifestyle due to a busy work and home lifestyle that leaves them little time to take care of their health. They want to look and feel better, but they don’t know how to do it.

two. What do you need? (Note that there can be and often is more than one need: a) A healthy natural option to maintain your health that is easy to implement and will increase your energy levels.

3. What solution can I offer and how can you help (you need to connect directly to # 2): Natural and organic aloe vera drinks and weight management solutions that provide healthy solutions for weight management and loss. The solutions offer superior nutritional value with proven results.

So here are my helpful slogans for this market:

  • Helping you maintain optimal health naturally
  • Helping you live a abundant and healthy life in a more natural way
  • Helping you increase your energy and improve your health naturally

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