Is your house late? Does your house need a reform?

Styles can come and go quickly, so here are seven simple tips to get your house in shape without breaking the bank. When you sell your home on the real estate market, you want your home to look fabulous and up-to-date.

Here are seven tips to renew the style of your home.

1.Remove the borders. Borders make the ceiling appear lower, and borders were popular when Prince’s Purple Rain was a No. 1 hit, over 20 years ago, so remove them. Consider crown molding instead. Crown moldings will update and add an attractive, upscale look to the room.

2. Create smart, sharp lines. It can be as easy as painting the baseboards and trimming them a nice white color. It will refresh the room and make it look cleaner and brighter.

3. Update lighting fixtures. I am amazed at how many houses still have lighting that came from the initial builder. There are so many fancy options available that aren’t super expensive, so express yourself.

4.Expose everything or at least more. I see a lot of bulky curtains that darken rooms and collect dust. You may have to remove a layer or all of it. Whenever possible, make your windows take center stage. Just make sure your windows are washed inside and out.

5. Get rid of the odds and get done. Trash is your worst enemy. Take out the worn out towels and replace them with bright white towels. You want to be thinking about a spa. Getting rid of clutter is a must. Pack away all the little trinkets that tend to distract the buyer from the structure or features of the home that he is trying to display.

6. Have some great accessories. They work better than several small ones because it’s easier for the eye to know where to focus. In addition, it is easier to dust.

7.Add a fresh coat of paint to interior walls. Be a little adventurous… Painting is truly the best and easiest way to give your home a modern feel. Your local Home Depot will have the most up-to-date color options.

Of course, if you feel like you’re not well versed or up to date on current styles, please contact me and we’ll be happy to help. I highly recommend at least one consultation with a home stager. You’ll get some great advice and it’s worth every penny of the consultation. Many of you can do it yourself…you just need to be pointed in the right direction.

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