Whatever you do is your performance to achieve some goal and everything you achieve is the result of your performance. If so, what is more important in value and worth: performance or achievement?

For me, the various stages of acting are a true source of lasting gratification and delight compared to the joy of accomplishments that are usually brief.

Each action includes actions if it is carried out with the intention and reason to reach a certain milestone, to achieve certain goals, and to obtain some benefits. But, every action is not a performance like the usual activities. They are made without a purpose in mind.

Performance is the result of a plan to accomplish some task. It is a process of taking steps to do things in a certain sequence to reach a specific point of satisfaction. We can say that performance is a combination of:

• A plan

• Actions in sequence

• Satisfactory performance

So what if, despite all the passionate actions and concentrated efforts, you don’t make it? The ultimate result is disappointment, regret, disgust, and frustration or, in rare cases, it could be worse.

Can you, in such a daunting situation, do something to avoid being bombarded with negative thoughts and emotions? Most people don’t and fall victim to stress, depression, self-rejection, and remorse. It is simply because they are unwilling to accept a setback. And therefore they are not equipped with the proper tools to deal with a failure.

It is simply a matter of mindset. If you are a positive thinker, you enjoy every action of yours to achieve your goals and in case of failure; don’t lose heart. You take your failure as a setback, as all successful people do. They know that setbacks are temporary phases to learn and forget about. They don’t let their feet get stuck in the muddy dirt for the rest of their life. They move on to find other ways to reach their next milestone.

Since the ultimate destination of a performance is the successful completion of the intended work, it is of the utmost importance that you keep your thoughts fully focused on enjoying each action, as you definitely get at least two benefits from every step you take:

• You don’t get stuck and you advance depending on the size of your step

• Learn something you didn’t know before

I always suggest, and this is the core theme of Think SUCCEEDED, that your ultimate goal achieved should never go over your mind. However, focusing on the current moments will undoubtedly improve not only the quality of your performance, but also your chances of success.

The satisfaction, pleasure and joy phase of achievement does not last long as you remember the high moments of your struggle and effort for a long time. He loves to repeatedly mention, to his family and friends, how he overcame obstacles and took on challenges. You feel euphoric describing your struggle to overcome difficulties and obstacles.

Do your best to make your performance excellent and exemplary so that others will follow and reap the joy of being appreciated and acclaimed.

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