Ever since French baker Dominique Ansel launched his strange invention called ‘Cronut’, the world has gone mad after hybrid food. A cake that looks like a croissant but is fried like a donut has become a worldwide hit. So much so that the plate sold on the black market for $ 100! The ‘crazy baker’ has now moved on to his new creation serving milk shots in glasses made of chocolate chip cookie (drool!), But Cronut, the sixth best invention of 2013, has sparked a revolution. In addition, a cousin of the pastry shop has been gaining more fame lately. Aptly titled ‘Bronut’, it adds bacon to the top of the flavor of a Cronut. Smart little doppelganger, listen to that!

London has its own variety of the hybrid. A dosante, as it is called, is made by frying the dough and then rolling it in powdered sugar. To amplify the flavor, it is filled with cream or custard and sprinkled with chocolate on top. This delight for the palate can be enjoyed at the Duck and Waffle restaurant, as well as a breathtaking view of the city of London from the top of the Heron Tower. Another favorite food hybrid in London has been the Ramen burger. Conceived in New York City, this combination of Top Ramen and well, a hamburger, has become something of a sensation. Due to the scarcity of this hybrid elsewhere, the Shoryu Ramen restaurant has seen its popularity grow tenfold. Even big chains like Burger King are experimenting with their menu. Their French Fry Burger is definitely worth trying. Dunkin ‘Donut’s Bacon Breakfast Sandwich is eggs and bacon between two halves of a donut! Not forgetting the Taco Bell Waffle Taco, a waffle wrapped around a sausage and scrambled eggs. So much for us foodies, huh?

Imagine a muffin filled with fresh jam, dipped in butter and covered in sugar. That’s it, a duffin! The next time you’re wandering around, looking for a breakfast spot, check out Bea’s of Bloomsbury, which is often considered one of the best cafes in London. Not only can you chew the duffin there, but you can find other hybrids as well. Colorful cupcakes inspired by Sex and the City and Townie (tart and brownie mash up) are famous among regulars. Food hybrids are a constant trend and new mixes can be expected in the coming year. If you think you’ve tried it all, wait until you get your hands on Pepsi-flavored Cheetos!

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