Finishing your daily missions in Northrend will not only grant you gold, but also a lot of reputation. I highly recommend that you make your journals so that you can build your reputation with certain factions that are beneficial to your class / specialization. This Storm Peaks Daily Quest Guide will help you get there! I’ll also include some Icecrown quest tips in this guide.

First of all, head to Storm Peaks at the Sons of Hodir location.

You should take all the missions there and then head west to the Jormungar cave. Do all your missions here (Kill the muds, the wargs, use the stone, etc.). Please use the QuestHelper plugin if you need additional help on these missions.

Next, head west to the barbarian place and do that daily quest called: [Barbarian Daily]. From here you can go to the pit and kill the challengers or you can use your bear and kill the barbarians there, it’s up to you. Once you’re done with all the missions in Sons of Hodir, you’re pretty much done with the Storm Peaks area. That’s roughly 12 missions so far (in Storm Peaks) that you’ve collected and will need to complete.

Now let’s take a look at some Icecrown daily quests:

Fly to Crusader’s Pinnacle and go to the Skybreaker and grab all the missions there. Fly just east of the Vyrkul place and collect the two newspapers there.

You will have to escort the captain teams and kill the vyrkul during the ground assault mission. When you get to the village, kill the remaining vyrkul you need to complete your quest. Go to the cave and talk to the Saronite miners and try to free them. Save 10 miners.

Go back (get out of the cave) and get on the plane. This is your time to go AFK. You will drop two soldiers and rinse and repeat this process until you complete both missions.

This should give you an idea of ​​how quickly you can complete these daily missions in Storm Peaks and Icecrown.

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