He booked his hotel in Napa and booked a limo tour of Napa. But you are looking for something more romantic to impress your loved one. Look no further! Get out your kisser and get ready for romance.

1. High in a hot air balloon at sunrise, flying over the Napa Valley. With a bottle of local champagne, of course. Many flights are followed by a bubbly breakfast and drinks at the Napa General Store.

2. Move your partner in the Owbow public market and give him a kiss right in the middle of the market. It’s a glorious place, filled with art, food, wine, and just about anything else you can imagine. Spontaneity comes naturally at Oxbow!

3. The Napa Valley Opera House is a great venue for all kinds of top-notch music. When something moves you, and it will, hold hands and kiss for a long time. Kisses and music are a natural couple.

4. The Napa restaurant, Bouchon, is a romantic’s dream. Bouchon is the tribute to a French bistro, and we know how the French are, the aromas, the food and the winemaker conspire to create an unbeatable romance.

5. Get naked at Harbin Hot Springs in north Napa County. This clothing optional retreat offers natural springs, waterfalls, hot, warm and cold mineral pools, a domed restaurant and a New Age Temple. Bubbly isn’t just about being happy while you drink. Dipping into warm, natural bubbly has been a romantic Napa Valley tradition in Calistoga for 150 years. At least.

6. The Bale Grist Mill Park in St. Helena is open from sunrise to sunset. We suggest a sunset trip to the mill. Built in 1846, the 36-foot Dr. Beale Building. the waterwheel keeps turning every weekend. Have a picnic on the grounds or walk a mile to Bothe-Napa Park. Feel the land as it was and the romance that lives in a natural world.

7. Muddy kisses? Why not? Napa romantics love mud baths, and there are several. For the full treatment, head to Calistoga in North Napa County and enter the world of Spa Solage. Solage has a sexy Mud Bar, no kidding, and you’ll be treated to a custom-mixed Mudslide here. You and your romantic partner will be slathered in magical volcanic mud mixed with your choice of essential oils. Next? Go cook in the mud and feel how it enters your body. Rest and immerse yourself in your mineral water bathtub. You can also choose to use the geothermal pools and steam rooms. When you’re done, you’ll feel like the combination of a very lively, moist noodle. What better time than to go relax, or whatever, in your Napa Valley hotel room.

Go on a romantic getaway to Napa Valley. There’s a spot around every tree, vineyard, or stream that will bring out the laid-back romanticism in you.

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