The Complete Universe


Order of the Universe

Woe to the person who would think that the universe should follow his order, desire, design and woe to his undoubted need to force others to think that everything is preserved in the forms of their belief and thought! …
Instead of humbly submitting to the guidance of providence, God, to share his discoveries, leaves out the epicenter.
If he / she and his / her class could only foresee all the misfortunes they bring to themselves and others by not recognizing the entire equation:
if an element is left outside the circle, it is not complete;
if one element is missing, something is missing from all and must be filled with something else that is not worthwhile.
He throws a javelin in the eye of a crocodile to keep it at bay, lest his followers, little by little, learn the truth that is not their own;
It has an ebony portal; He will bury history to save his hypocrisy.
So how can the truth prevail, when the truth is no more than you want it to be, this or that day, or any other day?
When the truth is not in rebellion, let it fall where it can, do not harden your heart to fit in with prejudice.
Be honest with yourself and be a sincere scientist who knows what you don’t know is something to be learned, if you can be a listener at all.
Is it not true: one should know what he knows and what he does not know, but should he know how to find or in which direction to go to find the answer to that knowledge?
Know that the universe flows under the eyelid windows of God.
And those with closed hearts and minds are thrown into dark waters to become food for the monsters of the sea!
Such a body will never rise to the surface, swollen by the convulsions of the fierce screams, never to find the truth of the lie.

The universe expands

The Universe expands like the belly of a fat man, that is:
the Universe, in a similar way: with all its stable, newborn and present suns, moons and planets, and orbs and all its destabilizing explosions, and black holes and rebirths, and new galaxies, like the fat man, is inflated.
If there is a point where enough is enough, who can say where that point is but God?
There is an end to the universe, but that end extends.
The Universe has expanded over fifteen billion years of growth, from a mass of black matter, pros and cons: like man’s automatic nervous system: energy vs. energy, one pulling and one receding: a universe that was empty, to a universe now full of everything.
We reside in your quiet time, when you sleep on a REM dose.
However, man is like a jellyfish, he cannot control it, as far as theological views are concerned.
This type of carefree people, such hide their emptiness, through evasion, their voice rises from the abyss of death, where their final and fatal light resides-; ignoring the universe of ‘before the light’ and who gave that spark that ignited everything.
They do not understand, nor do they want: the issue of formation, their Universe, their Creator, is not set for one, in one place, but for everyone, in time and space:
to be picked up like nuggets of gold, when God decides within His time and space, He allows man to stop taking baby steps and to jump;
But we must not forget, it is His, not to bear.
It is a journey and we must follow God’s example.
First the physical, then the spiritual, the boat will not float, in any other way.
From there, we must derive all its meaning from the whole and from its end.
We are the only civilizations in the past tense, having difficulty understanding God’s formation, His conception of the universe, because we have allowed the complete absence of God within our thinking: which is equally important, for the universal equation.
In the past this was something incomprehensible.
But it is at this very moment, in 2016 AD, the search for God, I think it is to open a new page, a gateway to wonderful discoveries:
letting unfaithful people in, or wandering aimlessly in another sphere if they so desire-
And for those who have an openness to the consciousness of God in all of this, he / she has history in his / her hands, and the source of all power and understanding of the movement of God, in the Universe that He created, and we live, and that expands.

# 4257 / 6-4 and 5-2016

The intertwined universe


Man must not become stubborn, unbearable, or brave, nor can he afford to endure contradiction!
Those who look a lot into the light are often the ones who are most quickly affected by blindness (arrogance and arrogance).
Man, God, Matter, -God wants to overwhelm us with discovery, but together.
Discovery must be above aggrandizement.
For man, science is a white elephant, for God it is just an ant, man has discovered and is learning in his extensive catalog of physics within the cosmos.
Your architects!
We are your bricklayers
It makes us calculate, as if to say: how many threads of their silk it will take to cover Angkor Wat!
There is no charm in all this, do it alone!

# 4258 / 6-4-2016

The Living Universe


Beneath the Universe it palpates as with bloody ardor, as if it were drinking the magic of the gods.
She hisses and expands: explodes loud and penetrating.
She ripples with a heat that changes, and a translucent and hallucinatory light curled: eyes fluid, beautiful and fertile.
She belongs to a jealous owner, who does not resent any intrusion, lest he come with bad intentions!
And considering yourself secure in your observations, keep in mind that He is your creator, as well as theirs!

The Universe is elastic, a living being, always moving its substance, always in motion: full of orbiting globes, glowing nebulae, drooping like branches and curled up like horseshoes.
He wears a threadbare robe of matter, antimatter, atoms.
It devours suns, which break easily under the teeth, swollen, suffocated by a strange fever, thrown into a black hole, wider than Earth’s solar system, then quickly passes them through its belly.
To their amazement, it creates new galaxies with new voices, falling from carefree heights, from that old spent substance.
Its benevolent drums loaded with ominous echoes, although without language, looking towards the thick branches of its formation, towards its Creator, contemplates Him, the One who inspired its creation!
Man should do the same!

But man has lost himself in an orchard kingdom of black fruits: black fruits of blood, and there he stands in the agitated shadows of his mind and says: “There is no God!”
The man has brandished a great sword in front of the face of God, the light has scorched his vision and he will find himself running.
Running down a cliff topless.
To the mouth of a cave to be swallowed.
And all you will hear is the laughter of the colossus demons, still burning at the entrance to hell.
And so he incontinently plunged into the dark ebony underworld.

# 4260 June 6, 2016

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