You have a great internship scheduled for the summer in New York City, but you’re currently in school in College Park, Maryland. Trying to figure out where to live? Start here! Here’s an insider’s guide to preparing for your summer internship in New York City.

student housing

Universities like the New School, NYU, and Fordham offer summer housing programs on their campuses. While the requirements for housing eligibility may vary by school, they still offer convenience and a smooth transition for those seeking an internship in New York. NYU’s summer housing program has residence halls in some of New York City’s most desirable neighborhoods, including Greenwich Village, SOHO, and Union Square.

All residence halls are conveniently located near public transportation and have a public safety officer on duty at all times. NYU also offers non-traditional apartment-style housing with private bathrooms and kitchens.

local toupee

LocalBigwig sheds light on how to find some of New York’s best kept secrets. Their Insider’s Guide is a great tool for summer interns looking to navigate the city in a short amount of time. Lists local lifestyle tips and discovers neighborhood apartment hunting options. For those who are too busy to commit to the search, they can hire a Big Wig assistant to help them find the perfect summer spot.

New York City Intern

Do you want the convenience of staying in a local residence but with more options than the traditional summer residence setup? NYC Interns offer a variety of options for your summer internship in New York with apartments in Midtown and the Lower East Side. Choose from residences with free laundry facilities, communal kitchens, and 24-hour security. You must be an undergraduate or graduate student and provide proof of internship at the time your application is accepted.

sublease in the city

For older interns, or those seeking less stringent stipulations, Sublet in the City is your source for New York City apartment rentals. The site offers options for apartments, corporate housing, lofts, and hostels. They also offer relocation services to help with transportation, banking problems, or furniture rentals. Whether you dream of spending your summer exploring Chelsea’s restaurants or hobnobbing in the Financial District, Sublet in the City gives you plenty of options to suit your needs.

Have you found the perfect place to live during your summer internship? Tell us how you found the perfect place.

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