Of all the exasperating and negative side effects associated with a yeast infection, the most horrible for most women is the incessant vaginal odor. Women are unhappy because they have an infection and they do not like that anyone else knows the misfortune they are experiencing. The downside is that many of the methods that you might have been told to treat yeast infection don’t work at all.

Generally, people have been advised to use a douche to remove vaginal odor. This is not simply the most terrible action you could take; it is also exceptionally harmful. This is because it removes the good bacteria along with the bad bacteria that reside in the vagina. While it may have removed the bad smell, it is just fleeting. It is likely that in a short time it will return, most of the time even worse than it was initially.

To efficiently clear the infection, you need to make the most of the good bacteria to help you avoid the infection. Over-the-counter medications will not treat the actual infection; they just suppress their symptoms for the time being.

Even if you get a prescription from your doctor, these may be hardly more than an extra-strength version of what’s available on the drugstore shelf.

You need to remedy the yeast infection itself rather than just the symptoms to cure it properly. Hundreds of suffering women have switched to home treatments after experiencing the infuriating incompetence of drugs.

Since home treatments treat the actual infection rather than just the symptoms, they have been shown to be 10 times more effective. Not to mention, they are often even more profitable than over-the-counter solutions.

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