Smartphones combine the technology and versatility of cell phones, game consoles, PDAs, and personal computers in a single handheld device. The biggest advantage of a smartphone is the availability of thousands of applications that allow the user to personalize and personalize their phone. There are many applications available that can be downloaded from online stores.

Smartphones offer a complete Internet experience. You can surf the Internet, chat with your friends, or watch YouTube videos.

Two decades ago there were cell phones and PDAs or personal digital assistants. People would use cell phones to make calls and PDAs to store contact information. Eventually PDAs got a bit smart by giving them wireless connectivity and they were able to send and receive email messages. Advances in PDAs and mobile phones contributed a lot to the development of smart phones. PDAs were merged with mobile phones along with some additional features and the result was a smartphone.

Some features of the smartphone

The smartphone is based on some kind of operating system that allows it to run applications that can be native or third-party. For example, Iphone uses iOs and Blackberry uses Blackberry OS.

  • The smartphone has built-in applications for easy tasks, such as the ability to edit documents, view PDF files, edit photos, take photos, listen to music, and watch videos.
  • It has a built-in browser to surf the web at higher speeds on 3G and 4G networks. You can surf the web using your wi-fi router with built-in wi-fi support.
  • It has a QWERTY keyboard that can be in hardware, that is, physical keys, and it can be in software, that is, in touch screen format.
  • You can take photos with the built-in camera and even capture high-quality video.

Some of the main operating systems used in smartphones

Symbian: Ericsson R380 Smartphone was the first device to use Symbian OS. Later Nokia used this operating system in its Communicator and future mobiles. Symbian was the number one operating system platform for smartphones until 2011, but Google’s huge popularity of Android put it in second place.

iosApple released its first iPhone in 2007 and it was based on iOS, its native operating system. The major version of iOS i.e iOS 4 was released in 2010 which included 3rd party app multitasking, HD video recording and 5MP camera.

Blackberry: RIM launched its first Blackberry device in 2002 that has built-in phone functionality and email capabilities.

AndroidAndroid is an open source platform developed primarily by Google and supported by a variety of hardware and software developers including Intel, HTC, Samsung, and Motorola.

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