The team signed by Tiger Woods is always the highest rated on Golf Memorabilia due to its immense popularity.

When Tiger comes to Australia for the Australian Masters in November, the value of his collectibles is sure to increase. Having the picture of him in the local media will put him front and center in people’s minds and send a lot more people searching for collectibles than they would normally consider.

Tiger is headed to Melbourne thanks to a $3 million deal the government has offered him to boost Melbourne’s economy and enhance the area’s reputation as a major event venue. His visit is expected to generate $19 million in economic benefits for the area, much more than offsetting the payment the government is making.

And you too should benefit by investing now in Golf Memorabilia like golf balls, golf gloves and even Tiger Woods signed golf shoes. All of these items are sure to rise rapidly in value with Woods’ arrival in Australia. Woods is earning ten times the normal $300,000 payout for the tournament before he even plays. And he should be able to get a similar increase in the value of collectibles from him as the time of the tournament draws closer.

This same scenario was seen before in 2001 when Woods played at the New Zealand Open. Despite the fact that he did not win that tournament, the merchandise signed by Tiger Woods rose a lot in price. And there’s no doubt that Woods is much more famous today, eight years later, and his collectibles are more valuable, too.

Woods is one of the greatest golf players of all time. He has already won 14 major tournaments and he still has many years to play. Woods has been to Australia twice before to play at the Royal Melbourne and Huntingdale tournaments, but has never played at Kingston Heath. He will surely enjoy the beautiful course just as he will enjoy the multi-million dollar payment he is receiving.

You can also enjoy a great payout by entering Golf Memorabilia associated with Tiger now. Tiger Woods signed golf balls are now available for a decent price, but will soon go up in value when Tigers’ face is on the front page of the local paper.

Tiger is getting a big reward and so can you. Maybe not in the millions though, but hey, we can’t all be Tigers. The good thing about investing now in signed Tigers golf balls or gloves or signature golf shoes is that you know their value will increase in the future. They’ll go up when Tiger comes to town, but you might not even want to sell. Because if he hangs on to them until Tiger retires, then he could be the one to get the big payout.

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