She is an oriental lady.

A person without a face

Who lives for others.

His family:

Spouse, children and daughter-in-law,

And old in-laws.

We all try to do our duty.

Taking care of our seniors and juniors is part of our duty.

Some among us elude.

But most of us do our duty to our family:

* To bathe children in infancy,

Serving food and caring for the growth of children is an enjoyable part of our duty.

Observing the growth of children and their capacity for logical analysis is a matter of pride and happiness.

* However, caring for elderly parents is not so pleasant, but we do it with joy.

* To take care of old in-laws!

Very few spouses consider it their duty to serve, old in-laws.

What must be the cause of the origin of ‘nursing homes’ in human civilization.

But there are some spouses, who go beyond the call of duty,

They take care of the old in-laws, like their own parents,

* Father cleanses us, during our childhood,

We can repay our debt, in old age, second childhood.

But, it takes a bigger heart to take care of old in-laws.

Clean, bathe, feed, listen to aging in-laws with health problems:

Bedridden due to arthritis,

Affected dementia that restricts coherent interaction,

Catheter placed due to urinary obstruction,

False alarms for potty when it’s just ‘gas’,

It demands affectionate devotion with natural love.

A natural love is easy for parents, but not for in-laws.

It requires patience, tolerance, and grateful acceptance of God’s plan.

Even more so for the ladies!

The reward!

The person grows mentally, a strong personality to face any adversity.

Humanity has all the nuances

It has both: godly and not so godly features.

A person with godly features is God’s greatest gift to humanity.

May God bless us with more such people.

A fifty-year-old daughter-in-law takes care of her 94-year-old father-in-law,

Despite his ailments.

Professionals do these kinds of jobs and get paid.

A human being, a human being, is compassionate to everyone.

This is the true religion.

What is wrong with this scenario!

Our religions are shallow

Over emphasizing the cry of slogans, with anachronistic beliefs and rituals,

We speak little of noble behavior, as a basic ingredient of a religion.

Does God prefer to reside in Jerusalem, Mecca …?

These are man-made souvenirs from local history.

God lives everywhere

He prefers:

An environment where godly traits are displayed.

Ladies and gentlemen all over the world understand.

God loves you all.

Why are we afraid of religious terrorists?

Why do we prefer silence?

Why don’t we speak out against the terrorists, our own religion, for their violence?

May God bless us to instill the courage to fearlessly condemn the terrorists of our own religion.


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