Collecting and preserving photographs has been the favorite hobby of most people, young and old. Sometimes you get stuck with so many photos from various occasions and different times in the past that you wonder how to put them all together cohesively.

The most common and popular photo book themes include:

baby album – You could start your album with photos from various trimesters of your pregnancy and record your emotions. You could also include ultrasounds and photos from the nursery.

Family holidays– Vacation photos are best organized chronologically, that is, day by day. You could also theme them place by place, or you could simply place your favorite pictures from your vacation and record what you liked best about them.

Graduation day– You could make portrait folders of your friends and ask them to write something for you to give it the feel of a personalized slam book.

wedding album– A wedding is the most special and important day in a person’s life. A picture is worth a thousand words and your wedding album could tell your whole love story. You can start with ‘Proposal’ and add your engagement photos, bridal shower photos, wedding photos, and honeymoon photos.

But here are some not so common ideas that can also be fun and entertaining:

1. pets and animals– Pets are also part of the family and deserve an album for them. Her pet album could include the day she brought her pet home and how she decided on a name for him/her. You could also make a portfolio of your pet.

2. sports and hobbies– Sports never fail to excite and cheer their fans. You can start with a ‘Training Journal’ and continue to add photos of your favorite teams, uniforms, coaches and cheerleaders.

3. photo cookbook– One way to a man’s heart is his stomach, or so they say. So why not make an album to record that special dish that he prepared for his loved one for the first time? You could also make a scrapbook of the first time your child was in the kitchen helping you or doing something to you.

4. family history book– What better way to preserve your family heritage than a collection of photos creating your own family tree! You could go as far back as you wanted and sometimes be surprised at how many people love and care about you.

5. road trips– On bikes, cars or hitchhiking in a truck, you will see many billboards, signs and signs. Click on them to create your own ‘Highway’ album.

These are just some examples. Think wild and you might come up with more!

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