Health. The biggest question Chicago Bulls fans have been asking over the past few seasons is, will the Bulls be able to stay healthy all season to have a strong title contest? When Derrick Rose tore his ACL in 2012, his playoff streak ended, losing in the first round to the Philadelphia 76ers. Rose missed the entire 2012-2013 season and when he returned the following season, he tore his meniscus in the first 15 games and crushed Chicago fans’ chances of taking the title. The 2014-2015 season seemed like the year until Derrick was injured for the third time. He returned for the playoffs only to fall short against Lebron and the Cavaliers in 6 games.
• If the Chicago Bulls are to have any chance of winning a championship this year, Derrick Rose must stay healthy and return to his MVP level in 2011.
• Each player’s minutes must be kept throughout the season so that each player is healthy by playoff time. No player should average 40 minutes per game.

New coach transition. After head coach Tom Thibodeau was fired from his position, Fred Hoiberg, the former men’s basketball head coach at Iowa State, will take over. The last few years under Thibodeau have given the roster a defensive mentality, but Hoiberg will focus offensively.
• Coach Hoiberg plays at a fast pace that will complement Derrick Rose and Jimmy Butler’s style of play in attacking the basket.
• Attacking the basket will extend the court leaving open three-point shooters like Dunleavy, Mirotic and McDermott.
• Steve Kerr, a rookie coach in the Golden State Warriors just proved last year that it is possible to win a championship without coaching experience.

Depth. The strongest argument that makes the Chicago Bulls a championship contender is the depth of their roster. With four stars on the team and a bench made up of first-rate players, anyone is capable of making a big impact on the game.
• In 2011, the Bulls reached the Eastern Conference Finals relying almost entirely on Derrick Rose. However, with the current Bulls roster, Rose no longer has to do everything. Jimmy Butler had his best season last year and signed a maximum contract with the Bulls. Gasol has shown what a great offensive threat he is. Nikola Mirotic was brought in from Spain last year and has shown that when he wins minutes he does it exceptionally well. And there are plenty of other players that the Bulls have that can activate their offense instantly.
• In 2011, the Bulls announcer gave his bench the nickname “The Bench Mafia.” Although Gibson and Butler are the only players who were part of the bank mob still on the Bulls roster, the Bulls bank has only gotten better, including Mirotic and McDermott.

If the Bulls roster stays healthy, players can easily transition into new head coach Fred Hoiberg’s offense, and possibly utilize the best bench in the league, the Bulls will have no trouble beating Lebron’s Cavaliers. James and face his opponent in the NBA Finals. Whether it’s the Golden State Warriors or the Saint Antonia Spurs, the Bulls will return the trophy to its rightful home in Chicago to accompany the titles that Michael Jordan brought to the city so many years ago.

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