Is the rich person really happy? Most of us want to be rich, and we think that if I am rich I can do many things that I want to do, so I will be happy. But in fact, I think that most of the rich people are not really happy, their life is not as good as we think. They have big problems, like inheritances and loneliness. It’s really hard to have real friends when you’re rich, you’ll think he really wants to be my friend or just wants my money. For example, in the poem ¡°Richard Cory¡±, he is really rich men. ¡°And he was rich-yes, rich as a king-¡ ± says the writer in the poem, but ¡°he went to his house and put a bullet in his head¡±. So rich can’t make you happy.

Children always smile, sing, dance, are they really happy? In fact children also have problems. Like the boy in the poem ¡°The Chimney Sweeper¡±, the boy has to be a chimney sweeper, he doesn’t want to. Since he always sings and dances, the parents believe that he can do this job. ¡°And because I am happy, and I dance and sing, they think that I have not hurt myself¡± the parents do not even know that they hurt their child. A child cannot always be happy and the smiles on his face are sometimes not real.

When you have some entertainment you will smile, is this really happy? Sometimes not. As in ¡°We Wear the Mask¡±, the slaves in this poem always sing when they are working, others think they are happy, because they are singing they have a smile, but in reality they feel ¡°With torn and bleeding hearts we smile, and mo.. On a cool December day, my classmates and I went to a nursing home to sing Christmas carols to the elderly. I was in the fourth grade, and it was my first time going to a place like this, and I couldn’t help but feel a little nervous, but at the same time I was anxious. My teacher, Mrs. Mello, gave us all jobs like passing out cookies and cards that we made ahead of time. My job was the hardest of all, was to go around and talk to people and ask them what they were doing for the holidays and questions like that. There was no going back now that he was too far in.

People started pouring into the small room decorated with animated streamers, paper chains, garlands, and ornaments to help make the room feel welcome and filled with the Christmas spirit. Lady. Mello had warned us all before that some would be sweet while others would not and then told me, “Most of them would enjoy a friendly smile for their parties. For some that’s all they need to brighten up their parties, so go ahead.” “. and smile.” I knew I could handle the smile, but I wasn’t quite sure what he meant when he said, “For some, that’s all it takes to brighten up their vacation.” I broke into a smile as we began to sing our first song. “Silent Night” I made sure to smile the most sincere smile I could as I continued to sing. I looked into their eyes and received smiles back, but not others. Although many didn’t smile back, that didn’t put me off, so i kept smiling.

There was one woman in particular who looked very old and seemed lonely. To this day I remember exactly what she was wearing. She was dressed in a light pink top with light tan pants. Her hair was particularly white with a cute little pink clip attached to the right side of her head. Her eyes were her best quality, bright and blue.

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