1# lipstick tip

Whenever you wear red lipstick, it’s a great idea to hide it around the mouth area. A red lip focuses all the attention on the lip, so it’s worth it if you take that extra time to hide it. Hiding will also make the lip more apparent giving the illusion of fuller lips.

2# lipstick tip

Apply concealer to your lips when wearing a light pastel shade. Our lips are naturally pigmented, therefore simply hiding the edges can make your lipstick shade look better. Avoid using white to disguise. It is better to apply a little base on the lips or hide it with a Concealer.

3# lipstick tip

Frosted lipsticks are meant to make the lips look fuller, but they can be a bit overpowering at times and emphasize the cracks in the lips. Use a cream lipstick and take some shimmery eyeshadow by applying it to the center of the lips only. Press lips to blend.

4# lipstick tip

If your lipstick has trouble staying put, dab some translucent powder on your lips between coats. Apply a layer of lipstick, place a tissue on top, powder onto the tissue with a brush making sure the powder goes through the tissue. The powder will absorb excess oil and help it stay on longer.

5# lipstick tip

Matte lipsticks tend to be drying and can emphasize lip lines. To avoid this, you can first apply a thick lip gloss, preferably a non-glossy one, and dry it. Then apply lipstick or apply it with a brush. This way the gloss will fill in the lip lines.

6# lipstick tip

If your lips are too full and you want them to look smaller, use a Concealer pencil around your lips, blend with your finger and use a dark lipstick on the inside of your lips to give it the desired shape. Don’t overdo it, as it may seem obvious.

7# lipstick tip

Use your finger to apply the lipstick to give your lips a nice flush of color. When doing so, it is best to apply the lipstick to the inner part of the lips only, as the lips have a darker natural pigmentation towards the tips. This will give your lips an all over color.

8# lipstick tip

If you have bought a lipstick that has a cool tone and you want it to have a warm tone, don’t worry. Use the cool-toned lipstick on your lips, and then complete with a warm-toned gloss. If you don’t like shine, use a warm-toned lipstick or bronzing powder.

lipstick tip 9#

When using a lip liner, make sure that it is well blended with the lipstick. The best way to do this is to brush the lip brush at the line where the lip liner meets the lipstick. This will give you a nice gradient for a sophisticated look.

10# lipstick tip

Use a brush for a precision line. Lipstick bullets come in many shapes, but not all of them are made for every lip. We all have different lip sizes, so using a brush will give you a nice line. Use a brush especially when wearing red or dark lipsticks.

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