It’s a tried and true fact that missions are the fastest way to level up your solo character, but you have to complete the missions in the correct order, which is not so easy if you suddenly find yourself with a dozen missions at the same time. weather. Imagine that you are faced with this dilemma, what mission do you tackle first and then where do you go in search of new missions? If you don’t do them in the correct order you will end up coming and going to the same place and wasting a lot of time. You will never get to level 85 as fast as you should.

Yes, with the newly added Cataclysm, the cap has increased from 80 to 85. But was all the pre-launch hype that preceded Cataclysm justified? Well, the first month sales were almost over 5 million and IGN’s Nick Kolan has given the game a rating of 9 out of 10.

There have been very few negative comments, but it has been mentioned that Cataclysm is an expansion aimed primarily at players with high-level characters and that there may not be enough zones available to level a second character without repeating a lot of content. I feel a bit petty that this latest expansion has had a dynamic effect on the world of Azeroth, which is Blizzard’s top rating for its policy of continually evolving this brilliant fantasy world.

Cataclysm aside, admittedly, Blizzard has updated areas that were starting to look a bit tired, World of Warcraft offers something for all level players and this game (plus an experience) reigns supreme among its online rivals, I would go further by saying it beats them all by a mile.

In the past, there has been some criticism of World of Warcraft that it was not particularly friendly to new entrants to the game. Blizzard has gone some way towards addressing this issue and has made it a bit easier for them to get involved in an extremely complex world where there is a lot to learn.

However, this could still be a source of frustration for new players who would definitely benefit from a WOW guide, there are a few out there, but one that I particularly favor is highlighted below.

To get the most out of World of Warcraft, you need a guide from someone who is a regular gamer and understands all the difficulties and nuances of the game. It’s an essential companion that no serious WOW player of any level should be without, certainly if you want to be the best.

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