‘Z’ is the last alphabet in the list of alphabets known to mankind to date. The more general numerical scale used to rank from 1 to 10. Putting those two points together plus the current state of the BlackBerry smartphone market, metaphorically, the Z10 could be the last roll of the dice for Research in Motion. Although I’m not asking you to read too much into the indicative aspects of the full nomenclature of the new BlackBerry Z10, it just clicks given the critical situation BlackBerry finds itself in, doesn’t it? Many believe (and have good reason) that ‘this’ could be ‘that’ for the once leading brand.

What went wrong for Research in Motion (RIM, the organization that owns and powers BlackBerry) is a story for another day. But the general consensus in industry circles is that the brand is in soup. It’s fighting on multiple fronts, and if Porter’s five forces model were to be followed, the intense rivalry between competitors in the smartphone industry is killing (or many would believe already has killed) BlackBerry.

With its back against the wall, RIM launched its revolutionary BlackBerry Z10 pinning all its hopes on a miraculous turnaround at what could well be the turning point in a dynamic industry. So what does the BlackBerry Z10 have in store for us? For starters, it’s a full touch screen phone! No, I’m not saying this is a standout feature, but it is an indication of the fact that RIM has finally woken up to accept the reality that this is what the market needs and you better get ready for it. Z10 has a rugged yet robust look that may not compete with the iPhone or Galaxy in aesthetics, but it does have a unique ‘BlackBerry’ look. I’m sure; it’s a look that other players on the market will soon begin to emulate.

BlackBerry hub is another new addition to the Z10 that helps the user to compile all their range of emails, social networking sites and feeds. The notification window shares everything from messages to birthdays. Surely the traditional base of BlackBerry, the so-called ‘Business-Class’ would love it. BlackBerry Balance is probably another feature aimed at your vote-of-trust bank. Professionals could now split their screens into two halves for personal and professional use. Sounds like fun, right?

BBM (BlackBerry Messenger) video is one of the most successful launches integrated with the Z10. The phenomenal voice clarity over BBM that allows users to voice and video chat for those on BBM is a direct answer to FaceTime (Apple’s video calling service) or, for that matter, to the most popular service bought by Microsoft, Skype. A 2MP front-facing camera isn’t too bad and would tick most boxes on a wannabe’s checklist.

‘Keyboard’! Ah, this is one area where BlackBerry has always scored among its corporate class for sheer ease of use. One reason earlier touchscreen versions of RIM’s offering didn’t work was that the keyboards weren’t intuitive enough for heavy BlackBerry keyboard users. However, this one is much more intuitive with an easy alphabet flip feature that instinctively predicts which alphabet you are going to type and gives you the option to flip it on screen. This feature has already made a lot of noise in industry circles. Get ready for some patent wars in the days to come.

Priced at around £500, the Z10 with an 8 MP snapper will definitely brave the heat of the latest Lumia, Galaxy, iPhone5 and HTC offerings. But, what it has certainly done is help BlackBerry raise its hand and say… “We’re not going down without a fight!” However, one feels that it still hasn’t done enough in the design aspects of the device. But BlackBerry’s niche was always the Business class, which in the recent past was starting to cater for lucrative business + social networking deals in the Android realm. Whether the Z10 will stop the exodus of BlackBerry users is a million-dollar question, only time can answer. For now, the stage is set for a big showdown!

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