The NFL season is almost here. The last week of preseason is being played and the teams are preparing to cut their rosters. What big games will we have in the first week? This is usually the week that first-time soccer fans realize that preseason doesn’t matter. All the good teams return to form and the bad teams, who dominated in the preseason, begin their horrible journey through the regular season. Here is a list of games that will be played in the first week in the NFL.

thursday september 7

1. Miami Dolphins at Pittsburgh Steelers

The Dolphins have been over the top this offseason. Here’s a big test for this Miami club from the start.

sunday september 10

2. Atlanta Falcons vs. Carolina Panthers

The battle for division supremacy begins right here.

3. New Orleans Saints at Cleveland Browns

4. Seattle Seahawks at Detroit Lions

The Seattle Seahawks get a pretty easy game to open the season. The Lions have a new offensive coordinator.

5. Philadelphia Eagles at Houston Texans

6. Cincinnati Bengals at Kansas City Chiefs

Will Carson Palmer be ready for action? This will be a very close game.

7. Buffalo Bills vs. the New England Patriots

The rivalry begins in the first week. The Patriots have lost a lot this offseason. Are the Bills ready to step up this year?

8. Denver Broncos at St. Louis Rams

9. Baltimore Ravens vs. Tampa Bay Buccaneers

10. New York Jets vs. Tennessee Titans

How long before we hear chants calling out for Vince Young?

11. San Francisco 49ers at Arizona Cardinals

One of the worst games this week. The only reason to watch is to watch the Cardinals news arena and watch Edgerrin James run for Arizona.

12. Chicago Bears vs. Green Bay Packers

Is this for Brett Favre? Will the Bears find an offense?

13. Dallas Cowboys vs. Jacksonville Jaguars

Great opening game for two clubs looking to step up this season. Will Owens really play in this one?

14. Indianapolis Colts vs. New York Giants

Sunday night football kicks off with a monster game. How will P. Manning fare without James? Can either of the Manning brothers win a playoff game?

15. Minnesota Vikings vs. Washington Redskins

The Redskins are proving that offense is not their thing. The Vikings believe they have a shot at their division this season. This should be a good Monday night game.

16. San Diego Chargers vs. Oakland Raiders

You are now up to date on week one in the NFL. It’s going to be a great week.

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