Carp is a species of fish shrouded in myths, legends and traditions. Highly prized in many Asian cultures, carp, in Western culture, are often kept in decorative ponds, as a kind of landscaping addition. For me, the carp is neither mythical nor decorative, it is a worthy opponent of the pool. Carp is generally considered a minor sport fish species, especially when compared to the more “noble” species such as salmon and trout. Well, for a humble fish, it certainly is capable of putting up quite an exciting fight! To be up to the task, I need my carp fishing tackle to be in top shape. Here is some information on one of my favorite carp reels: the Daiwa Infinity X BR Big Pit Reel, model IFX5500BR.

Key Features of the Daiwa Infinity X BR Big Pit Reel – Model IFX5500BR

BR stands for “baitrunner”, a type of fishing reel that is similar to a fixed spool reel, with one important difference. When using a baitrunner reel, it is possible to bait fish with the spool bail closed, while remaining fully in free spool mode. When using a baitrunner reel, the angler must adjust the free spool tension according to the type of bait used. As soon as the angler turns the handle, the baitrunner function is deactivated and the tension is adjusted by the main drag system, leaving the angler in full control of the fight.

More information about the Daiwa Infinity X BR Big Pit reel – Model IFX5500BR

When faced with an especially tough carp challenge, I usually find myself reaching for this durable, well-made royal. I have found the combination of the dual shaft BR feature with a large bore spool setup to be a particularly useful and effective design. This Daiwa reel also has the popular Twist Buster II feature, a mechanism that drastically reduces line twist by using a special collar that ensures the line always travels at a 90 degree angle to the roller pivot.

Final Thoughts on the Daiwa Infinity Reel

This reel is packed with positive features including 5 ball bearings and a micro-pitch front drag system. It also has infinite anti-reverse and a large diameter ABS spool. ABS, by the way, is a very strong and durable type of composite plastic that is widely used to make car bodies and exterior casings for appliances and computers. The rotor is gyro-balanced for the smoothest possible operation, and the 4.2:1 gear ratio delivers increased winding power when the angler needs it most. The real one comes with a full spec spare aluminum spool. Expect to pay around £375.00 for this excellent reel, but look for it at a special offer of around £249.00

I have found the Daiwa Infinity X BR Model IFX5500BR Big Pit Reel to be beautifully designed and a supreme pleasure to use. I am pleased to rate it a 4.5 out of a possible 5 stars.

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