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Seeing your home, land and business reduced to ashes by a devastating wildfire is one of the most traumatic things most people will ever experience. Whether you lost loved ones or your property was destroyed by the Maui Fire, it’s important to hire an experienced Hawaii fires injury claims lawsuit attorney who can help you receive financial compensation for your losses. Our team is here to answer your questions, explain your legal rights and fight for the compensation you deserve from those responsible for the Maui fire lawyers.

The apocalyptic fires that swept across Maui on August 8, 2023 caused hundreds of injuries and 115 deaths, destroyed homes, businesses and community structures and ravaged the historic town of Lahaina. In addition to the human loss, the wildfires caused massive environmental and ecological damage to wildlife habitats, agricultural lands, and water sources. The fires also displaced thousands of residents and caused property and financial losses for many families who survived.

While the cause of the fires is still under investigation, it is clear that power lines owned by the local utility company played a significant role in their spread. The Maui fires could have been prevented if the power company had implemented Public Safety Power Shutoffs, which they have used to prevent wildfires in California for years. The lawsuits filed against MECO argue that the utility was aware that Maui was at risk for wildfires and knew that extreme weather conditions would increase those risks, yet failed to prioritize wildfire prevention practices.

Do Maui Fire Lawyers Offer Free Consultations?

In the wake of California’s 2017 North Bay and 2018 Camp fires, big out-of-town law firms flooded the devastated communities with billboards and radio spots signing up fire victims to take on electric utility Pacific Gas & Electric. While a similar pattern may play out in the Maui fires, true justice and accountability will require Hawaii natives familiar with our courts, island values, government systems, insurance issues and Hawaii juries.

Hawaiian Electric fire lawyers

Our Maui fires lawyer is available to provide free consultations to those who have suffered injury, death or property loss in connection with the fires. We are proud to have represented numerous clients in claims against PG&E for their negligence during California wildfires, and we look forward to representing more victims in the coming months as the 2023 Maui fires continue to burn.

Insurance companies frequently try to minimize or deny policy benefits for those who have been injured or lost property in connection with the Maui fires. Our law firm specializes in helping victims fight for the full amount of their insurance coverage so that they can rebuild their lives and return to normal life as soon as possible.

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