Of all the animals on this earth, only human beings keep other animals as pets. None of the other animals have pets. It sounds a bit strange but it is a fact.

Humans have many different types of pets, with dogs and cats being the most common. Other pets include birds, guinea pigs, white mice, and rabbits. Then there are some really weird pets that people keep, like snakes and spiders.

Many homeowners keep dogs to protect their homes and also for company. I suspect the former is a more important criteria for dog ownership. Dogs, being curious creatures by nature, bark when they see something new or strange. They are natural early warning devices. However, most dogs are friendly once they know someone is not a threat. So it is common to see children and adults playing with their dogs. His joy is obvious.

However, dogs need care. Regular meals, bathing and grooming are essential for them to stay healthy. Otherwise, they tend to become mangy and sullen. We can see this in the stray dogs we sometimes come across.

Cats are natural predators. So they keep the house they live in free of rats. However, cats are not friendly like dogs. They are generally kept to themselves except when they want some attention.

My neighbor breeds pigeons. These birds are free to fly as they please. They only go back to their lockers to eat and spend the night. It seems easy to keep pigeons, but my neighbor says that it is not. Pigeons eat a lot. So he has to spend a considerable sum of money buying seeds and peas for them to eat. There is another big problem with pigeon breeding and that is that they leave their droppings everywhere. This is definitely a health hazard. I have mentioned this to my neighbor, but he doesn’t seem to care.

Another neighbor of mine has songbirds. He has a couple of robins and a half dozen spotted pigeons. These birds can really sing. Every morning, her sweet song wakes me up. This is really a pleasure. I’m sure my neighbor also has these birds for the pleasure of his songs. But just like pigeons, they eat a lot and so this neighbor has to spend a large sum of money to support them. These birds are also not cheap. They can cost hundreds of dollars each. However, my neighbor is very proud of his birds. He gives her pleasure and that, I suppose, is the main purpose of having pets.

I have seen people keep guinea pigs, hamsters, fish, and rabbits as pets, but these are not that common. Each animal has its special needs and not all of them know how to take care of them properly. I haven’t met anyone who has snakes and tarantulas or other strange animals, but I’ve heard of them and seen them on TV. I wonder what pleasure they get from these strange and dangerous pets. I also wonder how they will take care of them.

Anyway, I guess each person has their own reasons for having pets, and as long as they take care of their pets properly, all is well.

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