Do you feel like you’re running out of space for all your stuff? Here are simple ideas to use your space more effectively.

Is it not enough or is it misused?

Do you have insufficient storage space or inefficient storage space? There is a big difference. Insufficient storage space means you don’t have enough room for your things. Inefficient space means you have enough space for your stuff, but you’re not making the best use of that space.

Most cupboards and cabinets have the volume to hold twice what is normally built. And you probably have quite a few nooks and crannies for storage that you haven’t even thought about. Of course, it’s important to make sure you don’t have things you don’t like, things that are out of date, etc., but it’s also important to have effective storage space for the things you like and enjoy.

add a bar

Looking for extra storage space in your closet? If you have the two-wall type of closet for hanging clothes, attach a head-height rod to one wall for long clothes (dresses, pants, etc.). On the other wall, fix two bars, one above the other, for shorter clothes (shirts, skirts, jackets, etc.). In other words, you’re not restricted to a single clothes rail.

use your bags

Do not store them empty. Put the little ones inside the big ones like a Russian doll or fill the cases with out-of-season clothes; all your woolen scarves and gloves should be out of the way but in one place until winter returns.

put shelves

Most of the shelves can be moved up or down. If you have three inches of space above the bedding, you may want to consider adjusting the shelf so that the shelf below has more space. Or maybe you can add another shelf in the middle. Multi-tier plastic shelves are wonderful for kitchen cabinets. And the corner shelves are perfect for picture frames, trinkets and other small treasures.

Use storage drives

Storage units, which can be picked up at DIY or hardware stores, are great for saving space. Your spices can be taken out of the drawers and placed in a spice rack. There are canning racks that, when a can is removed, the next can in the row rolls forward. Some of these hold over 40 cans! Ice cube trays are inexpensive storage containers for smaller items like earrings. There are coffee tables on the market with hidden storage space inside. Under bed bins are perfect for storing comforters and bedding. Get creative and make use of these great tools!

Don’t forget about wall space.

Look around you and you will surely find quite a lot of empty space on the wall. There are many uses for this newfound space. Pots and pans can be taken out of cabinets and hung on the walls. Tools can be placed on pegboards. Shelves can be installed for picture frames and trinkets. Many stores now have corner shelves that can be installed in a snap.

Put frequently used items within easy reach

Whenever possible, keep items you use regularly where you use them most. For example, you could make a toilet paper holder on the back of your bathroom cabinet door, using a small dowel, 2 nails, and 2 loops of string. It holds three rolls of toilet paper and is right where it’s needed most. You shouldn’t have to walk from room to room to retrieve the items you use every day. Keep bedding in the bedroom. Store videos near the television. If you use the scissors in the office area and in the sewing room, have two pairs of scissors, one in each room.

Additional drawer or sliding shelf

Many stores have drawers that can be installed under a cabinet. These are great if you have a home with limited drawer space. Plus, you can also install shelves under cabinets that slide out when you need them and slide in when you’re done with them.

Keep your desk clear

A clutter-free desk is directly related to your productivity. You’ll get more done if you’re not constantly under a pile of papers and files. A sturdy, full suspension file cabinet is a must have for any home or office. Portable file boxes that contain hanging file folders are also helpful. There are many storage options for CD-ROMs and floppy disks. Desk supplies should be placed in a cart on your desk or on trays inside your desk.


Everyone is different, and has different needs. Make your home or office work for you. A woman I know told me that she never uses her dining room, not even when she has visitors. And she had no intention of ever using it since her kitchen was big and fancy enough. She also said that she hated her dark basement office. So, I suggested that she reorganize a bit and turn her dining room into her office. And that is exactly what she did. So she thinks about your environment and make it work for you, even if it seems a bit out of the ordinary.

To turn

You may have a lot of items you love in your home or office, but you don’t have enough space. Rotate them. In other words, keep a few things in storage for a month or two and put some of your stuff on display. Then once the time is up, make the switch. Items on display go into storage; stored items are displayed. What a good idea!


There’s always a limit to how much you can store in your house or garage, so once a year be brutal and do a cleanup, donate items to charity shops, go to a boot sale, host a yard sale, but do what to do. get rid of excess ‘stuff’!

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