Whenever you advertise on TikTok, you need to monitor your operation regularly, so you can make changes to your plan. If you don’t, you have no way of knowing if what you’re doing is working.

Fortunately, TikTok has come up with a useful analytics package that you can use to recognize all of your necessary amounts. Success with TikTok promotion is all about engagement, and the analytics pack will explain how well you’re doing in this regard. The information on TikTok is somewhat necessary nowadays, but they will improve as the scenario develops.

Switch to a guru account

In case you have standard TikTok user accounts, you will need to modify this in your Pro account in order to use the statistics package. This is easy to do and will cost you nothing. The analyzes will give you some fantastic insights. Therefore, it is worth doing.

All you have to do to become a Pro account would be to visit your profile, and then in the settings, tap “Manage my account”. This automatically takes you to a different screen where you will find the “Switch to Guru Account” link. Take advantage of this and you will have to decide the most appropriate category for your TikTok account.

TikTok will then ask you to enter your cell phone number to send you a confirmation code via SMS. When you get this particular code, enter it in the form provided, and you currently have a Pro account.

When you create your TikTok accounts, we recommend that you switch to your Pro account instantly. The reason for this is that the scanner will not display any information until you are a Guru user.

Analysis categories

After switching to a Pro account on TikTok, you will notice that there is an “Analytics” option in your profile preferences. After tapping on this, you will understand your analytics dashboard. When your account is new, you will have to wait a few days for the data to accumulate and show you the metrics.

In your TikTok stats panel, you can see three classes that you can watch. These are:

Summary of your profile

content details

follower details

You will find tabs for each of them at the top of the screen. You can see more details once you tap on them and you can run a deep dive on the numbers.

General profile information

Here you can see how well your TikTok profile is performing. The screen displays full profile views, full video views, and full followers. You’ll notice that the video initially provides reviews, and you can choose to appear in them over a 7-day or 28-day window. There is a daily breakdown for most analytics.

Next, you can understand your prospect profile, then after this your tribe counts.


Here you can discover some useful tips for each of your cinema articles. Metrics include:

Total kisses (enjoy) for your article

Total comments for your article

Total actions for your item

Total playing time of the movie

full movie reviews

The normal time of the eye

visitor resources

audience lands

Here you get a high-level view of your target demographics. You can notice viewing amounts by state in percentage arrangement along with a breakdown by gender as well.

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