Thoughts on back-to-school fashion

We use various ways to express ourselves. Either we use words or we use other symbols. We use signs, we use gestures and we also use fashion to tell the world what we want to say. When we put on our clothes for the day, it is as if we are declaring to the world our attitude for the day. This is why it is so interesting to observe people’s back-to-school fashion preferences. A person’s back to school fashion preference shows who they will be throughout the period in a nutshell.

There are those people who saw practically the same as in the last legislature. The bad thing about this is that it could be an indication of little or no personal growth in the last period. This could be an indication that the person has not matured in the past year. What could make this worse is if that person had been wearing the same fashion for more than 5 years. That could be an indicator of a serious problem.

The positive interpretation of this could be that the person has matured enough to have found their identity in life. This type of back-to-school fashion could indicate that a person is already perfectly happy with the image he presents and doesn’t feel like changing. It could also be an indication that the person has had a great past year and wants to make up for that year.

There are people who exhibit big changes in their back-to-school fashion. There is also a good side and a bad side to this. The good interpretation of this is that the person has experienced an epiphany. A change in back-to-school fashion could be an indicator that a person has reached a new level of maturity and is ready to face the world with a new attitude. He or she could be declaring to the world that he or she is a new person, changed for the better and ready to face the world head on.

There is also a dark side to this change in back-to-school fashion. A person could have suffered an event so catastrophic that it required the person to reject their old personality completely. A drastic change in back-to-school fashion could be akin to a person yelling, “I’m not who I used to be. It won’t happen to me anymore!” Not all changes are good and not all changes are bad. That fact must be understood.

There are students whose back to school fashion is based on what a certain group is wearing. The positive side of this is that it indicates social acceptance. A person who has this type of back to school fashion shows that she is sociable and knows how to make friends with at least a certain group of people. However, this could also be an indication of a lack of initiative. People who dress like everyone else may do so because they really have no idea what to wear. They let their groups decide their fashion because without the group, they really have no idea who they are.

Now you know that back to school fashion is a great indication of who a person is.

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