Atomstack Rotary Roller

The rotary roller is an add-on to a laser engraver that allows you to etch or engrave cylindrical objects like mugs, tumblers, and baseball bats. It’s a great way to expand your options for what you can do with your machine without spending a lot of money. You can find these add-ons for most laser engravers and even some 3D printers. However, it’s important to note that not all rotary wheels are created equal and you need to choose carefully to ensure your new accessory works well with your laser engraver.

Atomstack is a top-rated seller on Amazon and has an average star rating of 4.9, which signifies that customers are delighted with their purchases. The rotary kit includes an engraved base, an ejection tray, and an auxiliary support shaft to help you set up the atomstack rotary roller in a few easy steps. It also comes with a detailed instruction manual to help you get started with your new rotary kit.

X7’s controller module is fixed to the front-facing frame of the engraver, and it houses the motherboard, micro-SD slot, power button, E-stop switch, and USB port. Its ESP32 chip supports wifi connectivity, allowing you to use it as a standalone system or connect it to an external computer via HDMI cable. It’s also compatible with software programs like LightBurn and LaserGRBL, enabling you to control the device wirelessly.

What is the Atomstack Rotary Roller Used For?

The X7 can work on a variety of materials, including wood, composites, non-woven fabric, glass, paper, coated metals, and more. Its 5W diode laser has a maximum transmission speed of 137.7 ipm (3,500 mm/min) and an engraving accuracy of 0.01 mm. It can be used to engrave on both smooth and rough surfaces, but you’ll need to blacken the surface of the object before engraving. This will prevent the engraver’s laser beam from heating and melting the material. You’ll also need to wear laser safety glasses to protect your eyes from the laser-induced heat of the beam.

You’ll need to purchase a separate laser engraver for the rotary attachment, and there are a number of different manufacturers that offer machines with 4 axis functionality. Some of them are designed to be used with their own rotary attachments, but you can find models that are compatible with a wide range of brands.

One of the best laser engravers with a rotary add-on is the xTool D1 Pro. This model has professional features in a durable, quality-built machine, and it’s priced below $1000 total.

Another option is the Pergear R3 rotary laser roller. It’s compatible with 95% of the frame engraving machines and portable engraving machines on the market, including Atomstack, NEJE, Ortur, and Twotrees. Its all-metal construction makes it safe and stable, and it’s easy to install with no assembling required. It also has an 8-level adjustable diameter, which can be used for a variety of objects. This rotary laser is perfect for etching longer cylinders and small-diameter cylinders, and it can also be used to cut over-length plates.

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