Staying at home instead of going on an exciting vacation doesn’t have to be boring. Gather your friends and family and get creative to find various forms of entertainment in your home. The latest hot party idea is a stylish Denim and Diamonds party. What exactly is a Denim and Diamonds party? Use your imagination to get as fancy or country as you like, but a Denim and Diamonds party is an exclusive event with great food, drink and entertainment. Guests are asked to wear casual attire, such as jeans, but are encouraged to ‘dress up’ with diamond-sparkling accessories (aka rhinestones!). Venues can include your home, backyard, or fancy country estates rented for major events or fundraisers.

Tip 1: Use what you already have on hand

When you host a Denim and Diamonds party at home, you need to get creative. There is no point in going out and buying a lot of items that you will never use again. Look around your house, basement, and garage to see what you can reinvent or repurpose for your party needs. Outdoor tables can be turned into indoor furniture with an inexpensive, floor-length fabric cover that matches your theme. Spend wisely on a few key items you need to get a great bang for your buck. Visit discount stores and clearance sections in more exclusive stores to secure particular finds. Vases for the table can be mixed and matched, just like the table and glasses.

Tip 2: Choose your theme colors

With a denim and diamonds party – blue, white and anything that sparkles is a must! Integrate your colors into your tablecloths and decorations. Check out local craft superstores to add sparkle to your table or buffet. Choose inexpensive glass stones, rhinestones, or crystals and place them among your table settings to catch and reflect the light from your table candles. The colors for a denim and diamond party can also extend to your decorations, invitations, centerpieces, and party favors.

Tip 3 – Plan ahead

Manage your time carefully and don’t put off shopping or decorating until the day before your party. Decide on your décor and estimate food and seating requirements at least a week or more in advance. If you need to hire a rental service for tables, chairs, or other food service items, plan at least 2 weeks in advance and make your reservations with the rental company. Prepare as many foods as possible ahead of time – this will reduce your stress level and help you enjoy your very own Denim and Diamonds party! Planning to grill outdoors? Roast the items ahead of time and keep them in your oven on “warm” so the items can be ready when your hungry guests arrive.

Tip 4: Don’t have time to sit down for dinner? Think buffet!

Let’s face it, sit-down dinners are nice when you’re only inviting 3-4 close friends over for an intimate gathering. Hosting a party for 20+ requires quick and easy service from a buffet-style setup. Presentation can be fun for a buffet. Create raised tiers by placing upside down pots under the tablecloth to create a tiered look for your culinary offerings. This is also practical and allows your guests to more easily reach items around a crowded buffet table. Use baskets lined with denim-style towels for your cookies/breads. Scatter bright country-themed items, like inexpensive crystals, among your serving dishes for an extra touch!

Tip 5: Candlelight and fresh flowers are a must

Whether you host your party indoors or outdoors, candles add a special style and ambiance. If you are outdoors, add floating candles to your pool. Group candles of different heights, colors and widths on your tables and aisles to create mood lighting for your guests to enjoy. Citronella candles are available in a variety of colors and styles to provide a functional and beautiful purpose for keeping bugs at bay and guests comfort.

Fresh flowers are a delight no matter the occasion. But there’s no need to splurge as new arrangements can be costly. Roll up your sleeves and take a look at your garden… Black Eyed Susans, Daylillies, Sweet Peas and Butterfly Bushes and evergreen branches offer inexpensive yet fragrant bouquets. Place a glass in a cowboy boot and arrange your cut flowers for a true Denim and Diamonds centerpiece! Complement smaller arrangements in smaller conversation areas with a few store-bought white roses.

Tip 6: Bring the Inside – Outside or the Outside – Inside

You’ll want to pamper your guests even when they’re outdoors. Add comfortable cushions to your patio chairs and pair your indoor dining chairs with your outdoor country furniture. Crystal decanters, silver plates, and other metal (pewter) bowls create an elegant presentation for drinks and appetizers. Need some fresh air…inside? Add several evergreen branches to your arrangements or consider using outdoor decorative lighting such as string lights indoors to complement your Diamonds and Denim Party theme.

Tip 7: Make it personal

It’s your party, so add your own personal flair! Email is a convenient communication tool, but a denim-and-diamonds party calls for a more elegant strategy. Handwritten themed invitations are a perfect fit for what to send out to your guests. Your guests will be thrilled when they receive your Denim and Diamonds-inspired invitation (Levi’s pocket-shaped invitations in red jean with a red tag and all?). Add some ‘bling’ to make the ‘diamonds’ theme work by using crystals and plug-ins available at scrapbooking supply stores and super craft stores.

Tip 8: Keep it cool

Backyard Denim and Diamond parties can heat up in the summer and cool down in the spring or fall. Secure small fans with mist sprayers and camouflage them behind bushes and plants in your backyard. Use propane-powered portable tabletop heaters and provide batteries of blankets (printed in the west, please!) to keep your guests cozy for hours.

Tip 9: Always have a plan B

Always have a contingency plan because Mother Nature can be unpredictable despite your best plans for your Denim and Diamonds event. Keep your supplies well stocked for your last-minute needs, and plan ahead what you’ll do if you need to move the party indoors due to inclement weather. Outdoor seating can be moved inside and accented with cushions. Remember: these are your friends and they will have fun despite the weather!

Tip 10: Ask for help if you need it

Don’t be afraid to hire a party planner to consult with you about your plans before your party. If you can’t afford the planning, hire them to advise you on ideas, tips and decorating to help you get organized and make it happen on your own. Keep it simple! Hearty appetizers, fancy cocktails, and stunning decorations will make your fancy Denim and Diamonds party event fun and stress-free!

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